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John Gotti’s Wife – Victoria DiGiorgio Wiki (Net Worth, Photos, Death, Kids)

Most of the Americans must have even forgotten the famous and notorious crime lords John Gotti. So, today in this guide you will get some idea about John Gotti’s wife Victoria Digiorgio. John Gotti’s Wife has an American nationality and she became famous only after her marriage to the most famous crime king John Gotti. Gambino crime family in New York was run by John Gotti. It was one of the most successful crime families that had huge earnings by various crimes. John Gotti died in September 2002 while serving his lifetime in prison. He had throat cancer. In the year 1958, John Gotti met Victoria in the bar. 

Victoria’s Children

Later, they soon started dating each other which finally took a turn and they got married on 6th March 1962. Victoria was very well aware of the modus operandi of her husband in the world of crime. But she didn’t disclose it in public and concealed them. Though, she had stern disapproval for all his notorious work. With the passage of time, both John and Victoria were blessed with five children. One of them died in a car accident. So, at present John Gottis Wife has only 4 children living. After Johns’ father was jailed, he took the charge of the complete Gambino crime family. 

Victoria’s Discrete Life

In the year 1992, John Gotti committed many murders; he was also involved in conspiracy, law breaking, blockage of the legal system, illegal betting, kidnapping, money lending. After his guilt was proved, he was sentenced to imprisonment for his entire life. Plus, parole was not permitted for him. Mothers are always like a savior, so was John’s mom, who worked hard to get him out of jail. John Gotti’s Wife has since then lived a quite life and you can hardly find her in public. John’s daughter managed to come into spotlight through her writing skills in various areas like the film industry and media. 

Victoria’s Book 

According to the sources, it is said that Victoria is running a number of business and she has also published a book, ‘The Family of mine: what it was like growing up Gotti.’ Victoria was born and brought up in America. She was born in 1942. She was also a part Russian because her father was of Russian origin. Her mother was from Italy, but by religion she was a Jew. Her family had less earning and her parents worked in a factory. 

Victoria’s Wealth

Her parents got divorced soon after her birth. Even after that Victoria was a lucky woman because her kin helped her to acquire great wealth in millions. She also completed her graduation and because she got married at an early age she couldn’t enroll in college. Soon, after her marriage, she became a dutiful housewife but started her business pretty late. Her husband was a very bad person who caused a lot of harm to many people.  John Gotti’s Wife’s son also grew up and followed his father’s footsteps and became a gangster. 

Devastated Victoria 

Her son died in a car accident and this devastated victoria, due to which she fell into depression. And this led her to become bedridden. John and Victoria were living a lush life and they also attended many kinds of gambling’s, this memory again leaves John Gotti’s wife with a agony remembering the good days. But one of the best parts about her was that she never wasted any money and saved it for her family and kids. Victoria still misses John very badly. 

John’s Childhood 

The full name of John is John Joseph Gotti. He was also an American citizen. His origin is basically Italian with a mix of American. John’s parents also belong from a small town in Italy. John’s father name was Joseph and his mother’s name was Philomena. They both had 12 children + John. And John’s siblings i.e. the male one’s also decided to join the crime family. Let’s look at some of the interesting days of Johns’ childhood. John also attended high school, but soon the principal asked him to leave the school because he was troubling other kids. And he was most of the time not found in the class, due to which the principal thought that he was not a bright kid. 

Why John Hated His Father? 

One of the main reasons as to why John hated his father was because his father was wasting money on gambling and didn’t bring home bread. And they had to suffer hunger pangs. At a very early age John joined the crime gang. And when John crossed the age of 15, he decided to join his Gambino Gangster Group. In the beginning, he decided to humble himself in front of the head of the family whose name is unknown. 

Victoria’s Non-Interference 

In the year 1968, John was the one who was behind stealing the commodities from the airport. Apart from that he was also involved in hijacking due to which the FBI jailed him. Later he was arrested for stealing some huge amount of cigarettes, for which he was also released. For the case of hijacking, he had spent less time in the jail. Plus, the cigarette stealing charges were dropped. It was in the year 1972 that he became the head in the Gambino Crime Family. And John Gottis Wife was not even interfering in all these matters of John. 

Net Worth of Gambino Family 

The Gambino family was one of the most popular mafia families in those days and they accumulated a wealth of around more than $400 million. And afterwards John decided to submit to the police, after which peter, the third son of John became the boss. And again Victoria was mum over this. At present, Victoria is 76 years old. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft, 5ins. tall and she weighs around 60kg. At present, Victoria has a total net worth of around $2 million. Victoria is fond of reading books, but don’t know whether she reads the book now or not. 

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