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Hannah Pierre – UberHaxorNova’s GF Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth)

Famous YouTuber, UberHaxorNova (whose real American Name is James Richard Wilson Jr.), has been known for years playing video games and for his part of the past work with the Cow Chop channel, and ImmortalHD channels. He’s mixed, and he was born on June 1st in 1990. By mixed, we mean half Puerto-Rican, half Caucasian. He is currently dating a woman named Hannah Pierre, who is a PBM (a business management position) at a company called “The Spaceship Company”. This company was started back in 2005 by none other than one of the most famous aerospace engineers, Burt Rutan, and a famous British powerhouse, Richard Branson. 

Does Anyone Know More Info About This Streamer’s Girl?

While it has been known that he is dating the program business manager of the company mentioned above, not a lot is known about their relationship, or even about her other than this. It remains pretty quiet for the most part. However, he himself takes pride in being a prized YouTube star with his many games that he has played and entertained others with his videos for.

Where Did UberHaxorNova Earn His Wealth?

While he has earned a good deal of revenue from his days as a YouTuber, he has received a lot more income on average from his Twitch followers, videos, and those who donate to him. However, he also generates revenue from all of his YouTube channels (yes, he has more than one). Every one of his channels have a combined two million plus views, and this has allowed him to accrue approximately four million, five hundred thousand US dollars in revenue alone simply from his video views.

Since his start, he also earns money on Twitch as mentioned above, and with his 4,500+ subscribers, he makes more than $15k every month. This is a lot more than he ever made while he was working measly jobs in the past. However, he has had some amazingly huge sponsors on the network, such as the NOS energy drink manufacturer, and even has had help from the likes of Pizza Hutt and Taco Bell.

Where Is He Now?

James currently resides in Portland, OR as he has used his money wisely to buy a house there back in 2019. His current networth is approximately $5.5 million dollars, and he continues to stream on every platform possible with his games. While he has played more than a hundred games, and has been banned three times on Twitch, as well as being as famous (and appearing with) the famous YouTuber – PewDiePie, he hasn’t let his 2019 skateboarding injury cause too many problems or affect his entertainment performance.


While not much more popular than other famous YouTube gamers like PewDiePie, Sodapoppin, and others, James is a youngster who has taken things to the next level with his intriguing and entertaining videos and streams. By working hard and putting everything that he has into all of his videos, he has been able to become a multimillionaire in just a few years as a gamer that is worthy of mention, and this is why he’s even been sponsored by major companies.

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