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Jamie Lee Curtis Son – Thomas Guest Wiki (Bio, Age, Actor, Net Worth)

Jamie Lee Curtis is a famous American actress known for many different genres of movies, and even for her famous appearances over the years in the Halloween franchise, which still gets her worldwide acclaim to this day. She adopted two children when she was younger, and one of those that we’re mentioning today is Thomas Guest. He is one of the two children she adopted, and a lot of people don’t really have a lot on him. We’ve done some research to give you the best possible information that you can find on Mr. Thomas Guest, so you can read some interesting facts about him here.

Who Is Thomas Guest?

Many people know about Thomas Guest since he’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ Son. However, he is also pretty popular for some TV series and has acted some himself. He went to the Santa Monica High School in California and after graduating in 2015, he went to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. After high school, he also starred in the show Game Grumps.

Thomas is 24 years old, as he was born in March of 1996. He’s currently not married to anyone, and is diving into acting himself. He is often confused with other famous people of the same name, but nevertheless, he’s somewhat of a private individual (more on that next).

Is Thomas Guest Active and Social?

While it appears that Thomas Guest and other actor’s kids are being in the limelight, Thomas himself, though he has appeared on a couple of things, is not as active as many others. It’s unknown about his Twitter or Facebook accounts, and while he’s a celebrity kid, he isn’t acting on a regular basis. He’s performed a couple of times, and even had a role in the World of Warcraft: Looking for Groups documentary, but his life and net worth are primarily from his parents.

How Much is Thomas Guest Worth?

As of today, Thomas isn’t worth much on his own as far as net worth goes. However, thanks t Jamie Lee Curtis, and his father Christopher Guest, who holds some English Royalty credit as the fifth Baron Haden-Guest family member, he is totally loaded. Jamie Lee Curtis is worth over $60 million for all of her work, and his father Christopher Guest (Jamie Lee Curtis’ Husband) is well – royalty. While Thomas himself can’t inherit the ranking position due to the 2004 Royal Warrant laws, they are still part of the family, and the younger brother, Nicholas Guest, holds the title of the heir to the barony.

What About Brothers and Sisters?

As it is today, both Thomas Guest and his sister, Anna Guest, are adopted by Jamie Lee Curtis, and he has another younger brother as mentioned earlier, Nicholas.

Fun and Entertainment

While much of Thomas Guest’s personal life is not known, it is known that Thomas himself is a fan of the World of Warcraft game franchise, and has even dabbled into cosplay in the past for conventions. Jamie once helped hm create a cosplay costume of a blood elf for the game and his attendance at a convention that is popular for the game.

Is Thomas Guest Going to Be an Actor?

Thomas’s future is currently undecided, and while he enjoys playing a game, it appears that he is also enjoying just being a normal kid that has his life set. At 24, he’s recently attended college. With an estimated net worth himself of $28 million, he doesn’t appear to be acting in any regular roles, though it’s been rumored that he has the desire and the passion to follow his mother’s footsteps. Over time, he may end up being an actor, but his private life is pretty private. Jamie Lee Curtis has made sure to give him a good set of standards to live his life the right way, and it appears that he’s doing so.


Not much is known about Thomas Guest, and many people would know anything about him if it weren’t for his celebrity parents, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Christopher Haden-Guest. He is a fan of video games that we know of, and e’s currently approximately 171 cm tall, and has black hair and blue eyes. Aside from this, people know that he attended college at the University or Mary Hardin-Baylor, and that he went to high school in Santa Monica, where he was born and raised. Not a lot of people know much about him other than this, and the two short television appearances that he’s made. 

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