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The Learning Experience (TLE) makes learning enjoyable, intriguing, and fun for your kids from preschool to kindergarten. It was co-founded by Richard Weissman in 2003 and is still impacting kids till today. The Learning experience has lots of programs to offer your kids ranging from yoga to foreign languages. 

It combines child care and early childhood development for your children between the age of 6 weeks and five years. The school’s academic program encourages children to learn in their way by expanding their horizons and having fun. It also helps them to achieve their dreams through various social activities and learning materials. 

They’ve got programs like yoga, foreign languages e.g., Spanish and Chinese, Sign language, basic science, and language skills, and philanthropy. The school deliberately devised intellectual learning materials to keep kids in the mood of learning while having fun. They engage kids in a to do it yourself activities that build their confidence in finding co-founded at their speed.

The program also forms a basis for kids to learn, play, and grow under the tutelage of caring teachers and staff. The Learning Experience deals with;

  • Infants (6weeks-1-year-old)
  • Toddlers (1 -2 years)
  • Twaddlers (2-2 1/2 years)
  • Preppers (2 1/2 – 3 years)
  • Preschoolers (3-5 years)
  • Kindergarten (5 years old)

The Learning Experience curriculum is created to meet a nationwide standard and includes various enriching programs at no additional cost. Research has shown children love to learn from animated characters and do fall in love with bright and vibrant colors. 

This made TLE create a cast of unique characters for learning, growing, and playing purposes. The cast’s idea began with Linda Weissman (a co-founder) who loves elephants because of their parental trait. Now, The Learning Experience has characters like;


This is an animated fitness instructor that teaches children the need for a healthy lifestyle while having fun 

2) Bubbles;

Bubbles always make kids happy and eager to learn and grow.


This unique character makes reading look fun to kids and takes them on a fantasy ride journey.

4)Bongo bear;

Bongo bear plays his drums and makes children listen to music for fun.


This is an adorable panda character that teaches children about her homeland in China and engages them in the Mandarin language.


This is the wiseass scientist character that makes science looks intriguing, exciting, and fun to kids.

7)Tito Toro;

This amazing character helps children to satisfy their curiosity by teaching them Spanish.

8) Bubbles, the elephant, which is the iconic blue elephant mascot.

9)Grace and Charity;

The unique doggy duo shows the importance of generosity and charity through philanthropy.

10)Two plus Toucan;

The amazing mathematician character that helps realize the fun in basic math.


A well-mannered character that teaches honestly, truthfulness, and kindness.

12)Miss Chievous;

The interesting character that shows your kid the need for sports and movement.


These are a trio of kangaroos that teaches various dance steps.


An adventurous submarine that discovers the incredible wonders of the underworld.

15)Billy Shakes;

The talented Shakespeare character that teaches the theatre and art while having fun. 

How Do the Learning Experience Centers Operate?

You should know that there are over 90 characters to teach different lessons according to the curriculum and impact children to learn uniquely.

The Learning Experience centers are devised in a way that suits the mood, age, and preference of kids. In TLE, it is believed that the first day of any kind in the school is his or her first experience in learning, and making it memorable is their motto. 

As it is said, the first impression lasts longer; this made TLE design centers and facilities that will make learning fun and enjoyable for kids. The centers and facility for staffs and teachers are enriched with vibrant, bright, and attractive colors which enhance and makes learning easy for a kid. The colors are incorporated into each classroom, furniture, walls, hallways, and even floor plans. Each has rounded corners and wrapped columns with security cameras and key fob. Some playrooms are built to look like a minute town called “Make Believe Boulevard,” this is a replica of Main Street USA. The main idea behind this design is to infiltrate the adult World into preschool size while getting the children ready for their future.

The centers also have accessible early childhood technology to make life and learning easy for kids. Different classrooms are deliberately designed for the needs and comfort of children; each set of kids have their classrooms according to their age. The playgrounds are fenced and well-spaced for infants, toddlers, and preschools. This will give them the avenue to interact, learn, and grow in their own space. 

The centers are equipped with changing tables that prevent teachers from turning their back to children, and the interactive boards engage children in hands-on learning.

In the centers, there are various features for each age group. They include;


The Learning Experience provides a friendly and pampering surrounding where infants can be nurtured and played with kind and smiling caregivers.


The feature for this sector makes sure your kid has lots of space to move and explore to be active in the world.


Here, your kids will be taught the value of communication and sharing while making way for their social development. This will enable their social lifestyle.


Here the kid is shown several growth activities that help to and satisfy the desire to be active, cool, and successful.


Advanced subjects like math, science, and reading are introduced to preschoolers.


Here, your kids will be taught programs that ensure the eagerness to read for first grades like technology, art, and literature.

The headquarters of The Learning Experience has been twice since it was founded. The first time was in 2009 that it was moved from New Jersey to Boca Raton, Florida. The second was in 2016 that it was moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida.


The Learning Experience is an early childhood academy that will make your kid well equipped in academic, social lifestyle and make them achieve success independently and intellectually. They also have features that will compliment your kid’s intelligence and attitude to learning.

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