Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Telluride Bluegrass Festival Colorado – Lineup, Tickets & More

This music festival organized by Planet Bluegrass holds annually in Telluride, Colorado. Bluegrass music is the main attraction; this is a genre that features acoustic string instruments, and the emphasis is on off-beats music from other related genres is also featured.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival takes place in the 3rd week of June annually. It has been active since 1973 to the present day. However, as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, the 47th event was canceled in 2020.

Origin of the Festival

A celebration on the 4th of July takes place in Telluride. The origin dated back to the community’s mining activities when workers descended the hills periodically to socialize. Then, the fireworks display was the main attraction. 

The celebration became grand in 1972 following the establishment of the ski resort at Telluride. Advertisements were placed, and individuals from neighboring communities attended the gathering. However, the ceremony did not hold the following season as vandalism, and assaults tainted the 1972 festival.

Scott Brown and some of his associates approached the town authorities to obtain permits to hold the festival in 1973. The gathering was restructured, the classic unruly activities gave way for picnics and other activities at the kids’ park. At the playground, a local music group thrilled the audience, and customary fireworks display closed the curtain.

The positive result of the 1973 occasion ushered in the inception of the 1st TellurideBluegrass festival in 1974. Bluegrass music was the main attraction at the event, and the gathering had a population of about 1,000 people.

A cumulative of about 40,000 individuals attend the event. The initial stage has not been moved from its original position but has undergone numerous remodeling over the years.

Activities at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Telluride Bluegrass festival holds many attractions. Music and music contests, educational workshops, camping, and a display of a wide array of crafts that participants can buy. The lineup includes night grass, music contests, Elks park, first grass, and the family tent.

Family Tent

The family tent is among the main attractions of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Music, educational workshops, and other fun activities are available for the kids and their guardians. Some of the interests in the family tent include:

  • Jugglers’ Grove: this features amateur and veteran jugglers
  • Betty Hoops: a crafts workshop where kids and their guardians make hoops from fabrics, tapes, and 3D stickers
  • Annual children talent show
  • Annual kids’ parade: where children don colorful clothes, bear flags, umbrellas, or puppets. The parade is a tradition at Telluride
  • Living Florklore Clowns: this event hosted by living folklore has been taking center stage at the festival since 1998. It features yoga, crafts, stories, processions, puppet shows, and board games.


Camping is another major attraction of the festival experience. Sharing a space with new people and returning to the campsite after the day’s activities are enjoying by many campers. Telluride Bluegrass offers numerous campgrounds that span from zero to several miles away from the festival.

Campgrounds offered by planet Bluegrass are:

  • Town park: this includes tent and vehicle camping. The pass is valid for four days and is located within the festival grounds. It features a waterfall, river, small hills, and bowls. It offers participants the opportunity to be immersed in the festival.
  • Warner field: offers tent camping only and is located within the premises of the festival and is near to the music stage. Campers here have access to visit other attendees at the Town Park. It is situated on the baseball field and does not have a natural shade.
  • Lawson Hill: offers tent camping only and have a single-day to a four-day pass. Lawson hill camp is situated about 4 miles from the festival sites on a soccer field and gives great views of the canyon.
  • Mary E. Illium: offers both tent and vehicle camping. It is located in the IIium valley, about 7 miles from the festival grounds, and requires a four days pass. Mary Illium is snuggled in the woods, offering quality shade. Natural camping experience can be enjoyed here.

Lodging is also available for participants in Telluride and neighboring Mountain village, ensuring that attendees enjoy an awesome festival experience.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival is a model festival offering music, education, camping, sightseeing experiences to thousands of participants every year. The community is centered around a love for music and environmentally friendly activities. The waste diversion rate at the festival is 62%, and an efficient recycling system is in place, and leftovers from the festival are donated to local food banks and local non-profit organizations.

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