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Bob Ross’s Son – Steve Ross the Painter Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth)

There’s only one man on the planet (or their was) back in the 1980s that made people happy to see happy little trees, and that was Bob Ross, a famous Airforce Drill Sergeant turned painter. There isn’t a child in the 1980s (or even many of them today) who aren’t familiar with the man. But this article isn’t about him, it’s about his son who has had the honor of trying to fulfill his father’s footsteps, and is a famous painter himself. Of course, he’s not the same as his father either. We’re going to talk all about Steven Ross, Bob Ross’s son who has been made famous while being able to give people the feeling of joy while they’re painting as well since his father passed in 1995.

Who is Steve Ross?

The son of famous painter and television show host Bob Ross, Steve, has been doing his own painting shows, except it’s not on the Public Broadcasting System. Instead, he live streams his videos on social media and he shows people that he can paint just as well, but in a different way than his father does. While his father was always praised for his calm demeanor that was full of Christianity and happiness, Steve himself has been noted to be quite lewd, funny, more talkative, and full of sexual innuendoes. He makes such statements that make people laugh and entertains them more with comedy. Of course, for his appearances on his father’s show, he was quite a bit less “lewd” so to speak.

How Tall is He? And More Interesting Facts

He and his dad are about 6 feet tall. He is about the same physique as his father as well, at about 190 lbs. He is American, just like his father, and he is happily married. People call him all sorts of nicknames on social media, although he is very happy in marriage.

Net Worthiness?

Nobody really knows about Steve’s net worth as of this date. He was a teacher that taught painting, and he stays out of the public eye most of the time. However, he does do some personal interviews at times, and the last one was in Feb. of 2020 before the pandemic became so bad. His father had about ten million dollars around the end of his life, and in 1995, Bob Ross got lymphoma and passed away at just a little over 50 years of age.

Steve was asked a lot of questions while he was painting using some of his father’s techniques. It featured a mountain landscape with some foliage in the front of it. He made a bunch of happy trees like his father did. He would however take times to talk about his life and speak about both his personal experiences and his father’s show and life. He has numerous times made it clear to the public that his fathers fame and fortune has had a positive impact on his life, and that’s why he pursues a similar lifestyle path. 

Advice to Aspiring Artists

One thing that Steve does is teach, and he makes it a point to help others learn how to do what they love. He gives them advice much like his father, and tells people that it’s as simple as “If you want to do it, pick up a brush and start painting on it to get the canvas wet”. Once you start, he is happy to tell them to keep practicing, because time is what helps you learn how to become proficient. Even the young prodigies of today’s time can’t just pick up something and start painting a scene like Bob Ross’s television shows – something many people constantly complain about (that their painting isn’t like his). But over time, it will get there. And he tells others often not to discourage anyone about being creative in their own right.

Legal Battles

His real name is Robert Stephen Ross, and he didn’t want to go by Bob like his Dad. However, in the late 1990s after his father passed, Bob Ross’s work continued to make money, and the uncle (Bob’s Brother) took it all. He says he hasn’t seen any of the money that he was supposedly entitled to.


Steve Ross, originally born and named Robert Stephen Ross, is an American painter just like his famous father, Bob Ross. He himself prides in teaching others, even though he’s declined the makings of any shows like his father had in the past.

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