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Who is Stan Cadwallader and how is he famous? Well, Stan Cadwallader is known during his career of being a firefighter. He was born in Hawaii, and he was famous for his relationship with the late Jim Nabors from the Andy Griffith show. In December of the year 2013, he and Jim got married. But not a lot of people know about him after Jim Nabors passed away, so we’re going to cover it here! Our guide is going to show you some information you may have not known about Stan Cadwallader because he somewhat dropped off the face of the earth after Jim Nabors’ death back in 2018.

Biographical Information About Stan Cadwallader

Here are some biographical facts about Stan that some people don’t know about:

  • What is his name?
    His full name is Stan Cadwallader.
  • What is his nickname?
    He goes by Stan, which is his first name.
  • When was he born?
    Stan was born on Jan. 28th, of 1948.
  • Where was he born?
    Stan Cadwallader was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in the United States of America.
  • What is his nationality?
    Since he was born in Hawaii and has been raised in the states all of his life, he’s American.
  • When was he married?
    He got married to famous star and comedian Jim Nabors in January of 2013 before same sex marriage was approved.
  • How much is Stan worth?
    He is currently noted that his net worth is about fifteen million dollars.

Other facts:

  • Stan was raised in the states.
  • His zodiac is an Aquarius.
  • He’s been able to rake in about fifteen million bucks for his net worth.
  • He secretly dated Jim Nabors for years until it became legal for same sex marriage in the states.
  • He and Jim got married once Washington approved gay marriages.

What Does He Do Now?

There’s not a lot of information regarding the famous husband of Jim Nabors’, and it’s been because he simply hasn’t been in the limelight since his passing. However, Stan remains a celebrity simply because of his relationship with the late Andy Griffith star. Not only that, but he is a medal award winning firefighter who have saved many people in his lifetime during his firefighting work.

How Social is Stan Cadwallader?

While he is not active on any social media of any sort, he’s still famous because of his marriage to the star of Andy Griffith, and it raised a lot of questions for Jim Nabors over the years as it was a controversial thing. However, he is proud to portray his sexual preferences in the LGBTQ+ community. He met Jim back when he was a firefighter back in 1975 and the two were great friends and had formed a relationship. He is not extremely social, but he ended up living with Jim for thirty eight years before the two ended up tying the knot.

Was Their Wedding Public?

While there were many people who were close friends that knew about it, the two had a wedding ceremony that was rather private. When they were asked to interview back in 2013, they declined the comments to the media and didn’t want to met in person. They did end up deciding to talk over the phone, and they admitted their relationship completely. 

What Happened?

In the late 1990s, Jim ended up getting Hepatitis B, which is a very debilitating disease. It had serious impacts on Jim’s health, and he ended up even having to have his liver transplanted back in 1994. This happened at the Queens Medical Centre. Unfortunately, over a decade later, Jim’s health wasn’t able to keep up with the disease, and he died at the age of 87 in his sleep in Hawaii with Stan Cadwallader. Stan ended up telling the press all about Jim and even spoke at his funeral as his husband-widow.


Gay marriage used to be a big controversy, and Stan Cadwallader was one of the few members of the community that survived as both a gay man and the husband with a famous celebrity. While he hasn’t been an actor, his relationship with the late Andy Griffith star was one that has always been looked at as inspiration that love is what’s important in many people’s minds. There are no things on social media regarding Stan, and he likes to keep it that way. Being born as early as he was, he’s getting up there in years himself, so it’s no surprise that he’s doing everything he can to just enjoy life being himself.

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