Pasadena Daydream Festival

Daydream Festival – Rose Bowl in Pasadena California

At Pasadena Daydream festival were people of all ages. This was quite expected as it was a festival dedicated to lovers of music. While the fact that music cuts across age was responsible for the variance in the age of people that showed up, the fact that the performing artists performed songs from different genres is a major factor

The Pasadena daydream festival was held on a wide area that has no shade. This space is close to the Rose Bowl Stadium and is associated with very high temperatures. Due to the temperature associated with this festival, those that arrived early had no choice but wait patiently while dealing with a long and hot day.

While having to deal with a long hot day at the Pasadena Daydream festival was very uncomfortable, that was not all that attendees at this festival had to deal with. The entry point into this festival got overwhelmed as people from various destinations trooped in. Due to this, participants at the Pasadena Daydream festival had to spend a great deal of time waiting to gain access to the venue. Now, having to wait a long time before gaining access to the venue might be very uncomfortable. However, even more uncomfortable is waiting in the heat of the sun. As fans spent a lot of time waiting to gain access into the venue, their favorite bands are already performing.

While lots of people that made it to this festival had one form of complaint, it was not all bad. Certain people were able to get into the venue on time. This set of people got some reward. These rewards were top-quality opening sets from Kaelan Mikla and Emma Ruth Rundle. Kaelan Mikla and Emma Ruth Rundle performed on the secondary stage. This stage is a tent-like structure that provides a great deal of protection from the heat. 

In addition to the performances of Emma Ruth and Kaelan Mikla, Chelsea Wolfe and The Joy Formidable thrilled the crowds and maintained very high energy. While everyday people had to deal with the sun, the case was different for VIPs such as Paul Tollet, Christina Hendricks, and Mike Dimt. This is because there was a VIP section at the festival.

Sacramento Was Represented

Pasadena Daydream Festival did not go on without a performance from Sacramento’s finest. This group performed in the heat of the sun and started with a couple of songs from Around the Fur which was released in 1997.

The Pixies were not left out. Although the Pixies have not stopped making records, the crowd did not seem interested in their new records. They were a lot more interested in listening to records made by the Pixies in the early 1990s. After performing some of their classics such as “Planet of Sound”, “Where is My Mind”, and “Wave of Mutilation”, they were ahead to do a couple of more recent songs.

Throwing Muses might not be as highly rated as other bands that performed at Pasadena Daydream festival, they, however, made their mark at this festival. Throwing Muses came up to perform when the heat of the sun had disappeared. David Narcizo, Bernard Georges, and Kristen Hershs got a lot of love from hungry fans and did not disappoint. While this band seemed to rely on the popularity of “University” which was released in 1995 and also did “HunkPapa”, the crowd seemed most moved by  “Counting Backwards” as they sang to every lyric of this song.

Robert Smith’s Performance

Robert Smith and his group are considered one of the greatest rock bands of every generation and they went ahead to show the crowd why they enjoy such a prestigious place. They opened with “Plain song” and left the stage with “Boys Don’t Cry”. This English rock band thrilled the crowd with a 27-song set. Apart from the songs they opened and closed with, some other song that Robert Smith and his group performed are “The Caterpillar”, “Shake Dog Shake”, “The Wall”, “Just One Kiss”, and “Burn”.

Although Smith does not have a reputation for being emotional on stage, at this festival, he did not hold back a couple of smiles. In addition to just putting up a couple of smiles, Smith went beyond just doing rock songs. He did a couple of dance songs that converted the festival to a dance party. Some of these songs are “Boys don’t cry”, “Why Can’t I Be You|, and “Friday, I’m in Love”.

Smith’s performance was both intense and sublime. There, therefore, was something for everyone regardless of what type of music they like.

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