My Pantyhose Experience

Wear My Pantyhose Experiences

Dear acquaintances, these are three encounters from three different womenfolk this 2020.

At the onset, including gauzy breeches in my dressing was merely to keep the legs unexposed and concealed. It was also to avoid numerous stares from prying eyes when attending church.

I always was of the thought that black hosieries were better suited for the cheesy and tramontane type. Adding a knee-skirt whenever I had my hose on would do the trick, I opined.

The leotards I owned back then barely fitted the way I needed them to. They were excessively thick. The only reprieve for me was the au naturel hose, which unlike the tricots, didn’t sag.

I really loved wearing tricots through my teenage years forasmuch as they matched any outfits I decided to put on.

As I gradually developed the habit of putting on my hosiery, I couldn’t help but notice the occasional glances from all and sundry on the walkways, it was usually from a lot of blokes and a few of the ladies.

Oft, people would ask about the pantyhose designs I usually put on and detailed descriptions on the sources or brands I happened to get them from.

Time and again, they would pour on me compliments especially in regard to my pegs. As time went by, I started to realize these clothing were real turn-ons for most guys; they weren’t any longer serving as sheer socks that I was used to covering with skirts whenever I headed out.

Over the years, I got to see more and more businesswomen confidently strutting the streets clad in various designs of hoses, fashionably accompanying the wears with heels and skirts.

Something that caught my eye amidst all this observation was the fact that these outfits perfectly matched all their elements of dressing. That’s when the true realization of how unique a pantyhose could be dawned on me.

My Pantyhose Encounters

Sometimes, I’m more vigilant and aware of the attention I get from other people who take notice of my attire and legs. I like it sometimes.

Contrastingly, other days I tend to be forgetful of my choice of cladding and fail to get past the incessant stares. I become increasingly secure and hurry to get over the darting glances in the streets.

Intermittently, I wear unmitigated hoses that are shrouded under buskins or denims. I do this to clear any scanty outlines as well as constrict the blabbered areas in my clothing. Needless to say, they do a good job keeping the silhouettes away.

There are times that I usually get myself garbed in purely a pair of hoses and shorts. This used to go on perfectly for a while until the day I realized sketcher shoes were doing me and my hosiery no good.

They tattered the hosiery on any occasion I chose to clad in sneakers, and this didn’t go too well with me.

To prevent any unwanted damages from interfering with the pantyhose structure, consider putting them on with protective socks that won’t show past the shoes.

Trust me, keeping my hosiery stiffly knitted and intact for as long as I’ve been doing has taken a lot of effort and remarkable practice. Keeping the hose in good shape isn’t a one time affair you’ll get past and forget all about it thereafter.

I sometimes try to avoid sticking my skirts in between seatbelts, just to keep the tights in perfect shape for the next wear.

In case you are interested in keeping your tights in their right shape, you need to incorporate cautionary practices into your day to day routines until it’s become part and parcel of everything you do.

Contrary to common belief, modern sheer hoses aren’t as abrasive and loose-fitting as the old designs.

Anyone who veneered in the conventional models back in the days is of a completely different tale. It’s unforgettable how the hoses were nothing but sweaty confines you’d be forced to tuck hard every time they would slip, making it harder to ever consider putting them back on.

However, modern brands are totally different. They are perfectly fitting and have completely different feels to them. It’s no longer the sweaty strenuous hoses but an all new trendy stylish conduit collection.

Important lessons I’ve learned over the years

It’s taken quite an endless run of trial-and-error series to know exactly which brands I prefer as well as the perfectly fitting sizes.

The instance I chose to widen my nylon cluster, I started by purchasing three different brands from the most popular manufacturers. These were no-nonsense, Leggs and Hanes.

I purchased a variety of sizes and was able to know precisely what I fancied and disproved in each.

Tips for Wearing Pantyhose

In case you are new to gauzy hosiery designs, I highly recommend going for a slightly larger size than the one your measurements state. I discovered that it’s actually harder and uncomfortable to walk in a smaller hose.

It’s equally inevitable that the hose may easily get ruined as a result of constant overstretching. It’s also advisable that you initiate massive acquisitions by purchasing in large quantities in the event that you have a reliable means to complete the transactions.

It’s usually cheaper this way. Similarly, bulky purchases are sold and delivered in soft pouches. This is safer and better compared to a sole cardboard package.

In the latter, the board may tamper with the fabric of the hose as you get it out, ruining it in the process.

Gauzy tights add glorious finishing touches to outfits. If cared for properly, they can last over and over.

I’ve included a significant part of my encounters with thin-skin deniers and sheer nylons;

How’s your encounter been so far with thin-film deniers and sheer conduits?

Personally, I’ve noticed that thinner fabrics are more sensitive and get torn fast. Regardless, I’ve attracted a lot of attention and been complimented a lot with the deniers.

Being of Asian decent, I scarcely find the need to wax or shave because there isn’t much hair growth on the legs. Contrastingly, the hair is thinner and finer.

Most of the people who shower me with compliments state that my furs appear more titillating and seductive beneath the thinly lined deniers, particularly in the transparent hoses.

I also put on turbid opaque deniers once in a while. The people who notice how different I look with either wear state that the thinner deniers suit me better because of my legs’ unique shape and color.

A pantyhose feels more airy and slippery with flats and heels

This feels almost as though you have nothing on but a sleek and exquisite covering from the foot all the way to your waist. It’s quite hard to decipher the right words for the feeling.

Is it soft, touchy, dainty, oily, or unruffled?

In a nutshell, it’s comfortable and feels great.

The fabric used is sleek and you’ll enjoy moving around with the hosiery accentuating every motion of your feet and legs.

Flats and heels are complimentary shoe-wear. Adding a pantyhose to the picture spawns a feminine accent that makes the overall wear a combo that’s fascinating and forever appealing.

Sometimes, it’s just not the same

While deeply indulged in work, there are times I tend to overlook everything but work, save for instances where it comes to my notice that the outfit I have on is close to malfunctioning. That’s exactly when the unexplainable sensations kick in, with gradualism.

On the other hand, when on errands or in circumstances where the dressing code isn’t relevantly applicable, I happen to enjoy miniature thrills and short excitements, like feeling the hose is sleek and bare underneath.

It’s unexplainable but it happens, and yes…I love it. I just can’t explain how. I still can’t make up the right words for this enjoyable feeling.

A number of women dislike the nylon designs. Most of them argue that they are extremely thick and abhor the feeling of being in them. Much to their disappointment, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. I base this entirely on opinion, nothing else.

However, in case you haven’t tried out any hosiery designs in the past and are keen on starting a new trend, I strongly advise you to welcome the idea of getting one with open arms.

To me and many others who enjoy dressing in these light accessories, we know too well of not only the convenience of garbing in them but also the comfort and freeness that comes with the same.


The hosiery is a special kind of wear that serves it’s purpose in different ways. Here are some of the wide range of applications I’ve found to be perfectly suited for the habiliment:

  • Going for job interviews

Cladding in a hosiery when heading for an interview creates the impression that you care to look decent, especially when the skirt you have on reaches slightly above the knees.

  • Heading for church

It seems more modest to add a pair of tights to your wear before making it to church. It’s also one way to abate the measure of skin being bare and visible.

  • In cold weather conditions

Because of their close proximity to the skin, nylon tights manage to trap your body’s heat and keep you warm in the process.

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