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George Jung’s Ex Wife – Mirtha Jung Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Photos)

Mirtha Jung is very famous and known to be the divorced wife of famous drug king George Jung. She was born and brought up in Cuba. And one of the movies, which threw a spotlight on Mirtha was the movie, ‘Blow’ which was a story based on their life i.e. Mirtha Jung and George Jung. Mirtha and Jung were involved in transporting huge amount of cocaine from Columbia to United States. Mirtha Jung met George during his drug business and he was 10 years older to Mirtha. Mirtha had a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung, and sadly Mirtha’s marriage lasted only for a less time. 

About Mirtha

Mirtha was freed from the prison after which she dumped the use of drugs completely. Mirtha’s original birth name is Mirtha Calderon. Plus, you will not get the exact date of birth of Mirtha’s as there is some confusion and some people think that December 3. And other sources claim that she was born on August 3. At present, Mirtha is living in the US. Due to the cocaine contacts of George, Mirtha George Jung’s Ex-Wife met George in Columbia. She was only 24 years old. Even after being 10 years younger than George she still dated him. She finally got married in 1977. 

Mirtha & George’s Love 

From some well-known sources, it was known that Mirtha loved George very dearly, but their relationship decayed because she had to go the jail after which she left him. After divorce, George married another lady named Ronda Clay Spinello. At present, George is living with Ronda in San Diego. Mirtha was the biggest drug addict and George Jung’s Ex-Wife continued to take drugs even during her pregnancy. The doctors had advised Mirtha to quit drugs, but she continued with her drug consumption. And even after birth, she continued to take drugs. 

Mirtha Accused 

In the year 1974, Mirtha was accused of drug possession and she was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. It was only in prison that she made huge efforts to get rid of the drugs and start living a better life. Kristina was only 3 years old when her mother Mirtha George Jung’s Ex-Wife was sent to jail. Mirtha was released in the year 1981 and has stayed away from drugs since then. Both Mirtha and George worked with Medellin Cartel. It was only during the year 1970s and 1980s they smuggled a huge amount of drugs to the US from Columbia. 

Mirtha Jung’s Character in the Movie Blow

You should watch the 2001 movie, ‘Blow’ which will give you a complete idea about how the drugs were supplied in the US and what all works did George Jung did during all his life. It is only this movie that gave huge popularity to Mirtha Jung. Mirtha’s George Jung’s Ex-Wife character was essayed by Spanish actor Penelope Cruz and George’s character was played by Johnny Depp. Mirtha was last seen in the year 2001 in the media after which she vanished. She also gave an interview to a Texas newspaper. George Jung is known to be a notorious figure that is known for his unique drug smuggling methods. 

Watch Blow Movie 

And such unique methods have been exposed in the movie, ‘Blow’ which will open your mind and give you an idea. People mostly knew George Jung by the name of Al Americano by one of his best mates Boston George. All around the United States people knew him with that name. It is because he was the most famous drug smuggler and drug trafficker of his time. He was responsible for smuggling 90% of cocaine into the United States. The other kinds of drugs that he smuggled are marijuana, hashish. But he mainly dealt in the peddling of marijuana. 

Meeting Carlos Lehdar 

Jung met his future partner in the jail i.e. Carlos Lehder who was released after 33 years. And soon when he was released he met Jung, who was then living with his parents. Jung and Carlos used to discuss the various ideas of smuggling drugs and they used to discuss many more things when they were in the cell. And again they both started smuggling small amounts of drugs i.e. cocaine in suitcases and this business started again. But this time Mirtha George Jung’s Ex-Wife played no role. She was a far cry from the same. 

Another King of Cocaine 

And during those times very few people knew about the use of cocaine and that it is a harmful drug. And soon Jung became to be known as Pablo Escobar of America. Pablo was another king of Cocaine Smuggling. Soon Pablo also joined Lehder and they began this whole racket again in America. It was during this time period when Jung met his wife Mirtha and fell in love with her. Jung found a sui generis idea of smuggling the drugs by dropping them through cloud in the American land, so that they can avoid getting checked. And this idea worked wonders and he proved his worth. 

Joined Hands with Pablo Escobar 

Due to some misunderstanding and instability, Jung and Carlos parted their ways. But this led Jung to grow his friendship with Pablo. And soon they started making millions of dollars by smuggling huge amounts of cocaine into the United States. George Jung has been in and out of jail many times and he is continuing to enjoy his life. Pablo Escobar had a completely different ideology of living life. Plus, there are many things regarding the large stocks which Pablo dint understand nor did he make any effort to get it inside his dumb head. It was an obvious thing they were supplying cocaine in US and the price of cocaine dragged down. Plus, there is also risk that people can get caught or arrested. So, then Pablo thought that it is better that he keeps his work of cocaine business small and prices high and work out in that fashion. And Pablo thought that this was sufficient and it would help him to escape him from getting arrested. Plus, Pablo also had the idea that the bigger his network gets the more chances there would be for the common drug peddlers to get arrested. Also, trust was another issue. Was it easy to trust the people who joined his network of cocaine business? Apart from that his partner had the idea of destroying the US’s economy, by letting the country flow with cocaine business. 

The idea to Drop Cocaine through Air 

As per Pablo, cocaine was the only tool which he had in his hand to corrupt America. His partner Carlos had some other kind of political views may be fascist theory he supported. Apart from that Pablo dint even had the idea of what was going on. Plus, when Pablo’s cocaine business grew and started working well, it started comprising of many people and groups like KGB, CIA, people working in the banks, advocates, doctors, and money launderers, and they all booked this journey. Pablo was still considered as the king of cocaine business and he had become the a role model for the criminals and he could have never imagined that. 

Pablo Escobar & their Connections 

As per the views of George Jung, he felt that he was straight forwardly connected with Pablo and his family. And the links still existed. They also enjoyed their coke. Pablo was the one who provided huge amount of coke for Jung and offered him to take as much as he liked. They also drank cognac. And they were so doused in the intake of cocaine that they watched the movie, “Patton” until they really got tired. Finally, they realized that it was enough for them to have seen the movie, “Patton”. And this was not enough for them, Pablo started to worship Patton. And again he had no idea of what was happening to him. Plus, in the coming days he had become rebellious and wanted to revenge many people, and he knew that it would be a bad thing. He hated Carlos also, but he had the knowledge that Carlos was the bread winner and he was doing his best. 

Pilot Friend Helped Jung in His Work 

George Jung in an interview had also revealed that some time back they had to undergo imprisonment for a term of 10 years in Massachusetts. Then, he decided that he should leave this work. But this didn’t help him either and he escaped from the prison and started finding for a new pilot who could work for his cocaine business and he decided to go to Colombia. Then, he came across his friend who was a pilot and used to fly planes, he was also working for the DEA. So, he used him and started doing his cocaine business in Columbia. 

Why Carlos & Jung Parted Ways

One of the reasons why Carlos and Jung parted their ways is because Carlos got captured by the DEA in Columbia. Jung was asked to testify against him, but later he refused to do so. This in turn instigated Carlos to write a letter to the VC of US, and telling him that he would assist them for total immunity. Due to this reason Jung felt that Carlos had slapped him hard on the face. And their ways parted. 

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