Minecraft Experience Points

In Minecraft, the small orbs that glow and are obtained by players to increase their experience levels are called Experience Points. When obtained, these Experience Points are valuable because, together with enchanting tables, are used in fixing up and enhancing the capabilities of items in the anvil.

Experience points are remarkable because they move towards nearby players but move rather slowly when a player is far from them.

To increase in experience level in Minecraft, players must accumulate a specific amount of experience points. However, before a player can obtain experience points, the player must accomplish any of the following tasks below:

Mining of Items: 

Mining is by far the easiest way to amass experience points, early in the game. It is commonly advised to mine within the safety, comfort, and shelter of a bed on the first night of the game, because mining sheltered, amasses experience points quicker. 

The killing of Dangerous Mobs

As with most games, the toughest and most dangerous creatures release lots of points when killed. Likewise, dangerous mobs like Wither in Minecraft release numerous experience points when they are killed, making them the most sought-after mobs by Minecraft players. Players prefer performing this task because it amasses a lot of points in a short time. 

In achieving this, some players can create dangerous mob farms that breed mobs just to harm them. Hence, this allows a gamer to quickly kill the mob without so much risk. Some players also use TNT, but they will first activate themselves by using Redstone to prevent the TNT from backfiring and harming them.

Players can also amass points by destroying breeding blocks when mining or encounter Ender dragon, the head mob, because the Ender dragon produces an enormous number of points when killed.

Breaking a Bottle o’ Enchanting 

In Minecraft, a bottle o’ Enchanting is obtained by trading with villagers. This bottle is identical to a drug. Breaking a bottle o’ Enchanting discharges orbs and obtains experience points.


In Minecraft, smelting refers to the cooking of specific orbs in the furnace. Smelting gold and iron yields reasonably large experience points. Some players get to this stage on the first day of the game, while others may accomplish the feat on their second day.

Smelting orbs in themselves, do not release orbs. However, the removal of the product from the furnace releases the points to a player, and they collect them. It must not be removed using ‘helps’ like Redstone because that way, it’ll yield no experience points.

Fishing Experience Points

Fishing animals produce experience points in two vital ways. Firstly, you have to breed these animals. In breeding, an orb is dropped when an animal produces a young one. However, the docile mobs in the breeding process can pose as a critical part of Minecraft farming for several reasons. 

One being that many players prey on and trap animals on the first day of the game, to endure that they begin breeding on the second and third days. Fighting with skeletons also produces points because while fighting, the skeletons shed their bones, and the bones are utilized as crop fertilizers for farming. These crops can be used in breeding animals.

 The second way in which fishing breeds points is through reeling in of fishes. It, however, takes a few days before a player can fish because the player would first build and construct a fishing rod, find a suitable place to fish, and not have other pressing tasks at hand to be able to fish without distractions.

History of Experience Points

The original update of Experience points was first added in an interview during Adventure Update’s first release. Experience Points are obtained by mining items, killing mobs, smelting, fishing animals, and breaking a bottle o’ enchantment.

There were advantages of introducing experience points in the different game updates of Minecraft, and they include:

  • Graphic display. Although this would seem like a non-outstanding and monumental benefit of the Beta 1.8 release, it cannot be faulted as it was one of the earliest releases of the game, and better and promising updates would come later.

As expected, better updates came along with the Beta 1.9 pre-release 3. In this update, the game bar size was a pointer to increment in experience level. The more orbs were amassed, the more a player increased in experience, and the more the experience bar increased.

  • Beta 1.9 pre-release also came with updates. In the form that you could spend experience levels if items were enchanted on. However, the Enchantment table had no special or intriguing effects until the Beta 1.9 pre-release 4 emerged.

Tips Every Minecraft Fan should remember;

  • Experience orbs are colored either yellow or green. Irrespective of their shade, they always glow.
  • If a player dies and returns to their point of death, they receive experience points, ranging from 40% – 60%.
  • In Multiplayer mode, it is not uncommon for experience orbs to orbit around a player.
  • At death, the head mob and Ender dragon drop tremendous orbs, along with dozens of ordinary orbs because they are the heads of mon.
  • When experience points are used as enchanting tools and armor, a player is benefited and upgrades from a low experience level to a high one in a short while.
  • It is very difficult to level up in experience levels when a player is at a low level. It requires dedication.
  • It is important to note that whenever a player dies in the pre-release 1 of Beta 1.8, all their experience orbs per piece are dropped off. This formulated huge problems and could crash some kinds of servers because of the return of drops. However, the occurrence of the crash is only possible whenever the player had accumulated so much experience points, as a result of the extremely large amount of orb items that are created at specific intervals.
  • In the Pocket Edition of Minecraft game, the highest level a player can reach is 24,791ft. Achieving this level is close to being inconceivable unless a player uses the experience points command to play.


Minecraft is an interesting one. Players must accumulate certain amounts of Experience Points in order to level up, and they accomplish this by mining items, killing dangerous mobs, smelting, fishing, and breaking a bottle o’ Enchanting obtained from the villagers.

Minecraft has also undergone quite a series of upgrades right from it’s launching to this moment. These upgrades are important because they add important features to the game.

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