Salary is Commensurate With Experience Meaning

What Does Commensurate with Experience Mean?

A recent trend has been the appearance of phrases such as ‘salary commensurate with experience’ on job listing platforms and advertisements. Similar phrases used include ‘competitive salary based on experience’ and ‘competitive compensation package on offer.’ Potential applicants are usually confused by such phrases and encounter challenges in applying for the listed job positions.

What does the employer want?

Employers may seek to keep their salary scale and information on other benefits from competing firms and prevent many applicants from applying for a limited slot. Some of the reasons why employers use ‘salary commensurate with experience’ include:

  • To evaluate work experience.

Employers use ‘salary commensurate with experience‘ and similar phrases to evaluate applicants’ experience and work history. This ensures that only applicants with the desired work experience are offered the job.

  • To determine the salary range

Employers make seek to evaluate the experiences and work history of applicants before deciding the amount to pay. Employers usually have a lower and an upper limit (range) for a particular position. An applicant with the desired work experience will be offered an amount close to the upper limit of that range. 

  • To have power  over salary negotiations

By not revealing the salary on offer for a particular position, employers gain an immense ability to control the negotiations of salary. Applicants do not know how the employer evaluates work history or what the employer is looking for in the job application.  

For instance, a recent graduate may be offered a salary less than an applicant with years of work-related experience. An applicant with years of work-related experience may be offered a salary less than another applicant with years of managerial experience.  

As applicants do not know the standards or requirements the employer uses to evaluate work experience, the power of salary negotiation is tilted in favor of the employer.

How to approach a job listing with ‘salary commensurate with experience 

Applying for a job that does not have a set pay rate requires a systematic process. Success depends on the ability of the applicants to present or sell their services. Confidence, power of negotiation, research, and the ability to showcase skills are all valuable tools. 

  • Research

For job listing without a published salary range, you must research the general salary range for that position. This arm you with an idea of the amount the position pay and help you in negotiation. Adequate research should also be done on the bonuses and benefits attached to the position.

Base your salary research on the location of the firm and the location of the company’s headquarters. Also, compare the salary range on offer for that position in competing firms. The company’s size also gives you a hint of the salary range that may be on offer. 

  • Decide on your potential salary

Research gives you an idea of the potential salary on offer for the job position. Decide on the amount that is appropriate for your services and skills and be prepared for negotiations. 

Job listing without a salary range allows you to determine the wage that your skills and work experiences deserve. Set a salary range for yourself and be confident while negotiating with the potential employer. 

  • Showcase your skills 

Your ability to negotiate a salary is dependent on how well you present your skills and work experience during the job interview. Work on your resume, focus on, and highlight skills that offer you an advantage over other applicants. Demonstrate your qualifications and strengths and how your services will enable the firm to complete its aims and objectives.

Do not emphasize previously held positions, instead highlight your strengths and elaborate on your professional accomplishments. Your ability to sell your skills and work experience will influence the salary that the employer is willing to offer for your services.

  • Reach and obtain a written agreement

After the successful negotiation of the salary and job offer has been accepted. It is important to obtain a written document stating the terms of salary and benefits. This documentation is important as it helps to eliminate potential misinterpretations. 


Some Job listing platforms do not reveal information on the salary and benefits package of the available positions. This should not deter you from applying for such jobs as adequate research can reveal such information. Your ability to negotiate and express your skills are valuable tools in determining the salary the employer is willing to offer.

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