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Kimberly Sustad rose to fame as a Canadian actor with her roles and feats in TV movies and series like ‘Spooksville’, The Nine Lives of Christmas, and a bride for Christmas. 

Kimberly Sustad started her career as a trained actress from the Trinity Western with theatre and Broadway. Kimberly later progressed to the mainstream stage with a short movie in 2009. The film earned her praises for her excellent performance. 

The short movie was her starting point in the industry as it paved way for her. After the short film, Kimberly has been involved in many other TV projects and movies. 

Kimberly Sustad is happily married to an entrepreneur. She and her husband had known each other since she was in college. The couple tied the knot in 2004. The marriage has now produced three blessed children. 

Rise to Stardom

Since early childhood, Kimberly has always been interested in theatre. She started by participating in school plays, but later on, she learnt theatre properly after her high school graduation. 

Kimberly started her journey as an actress in Seattle, where she worked with excellent talents in doing theatre. She did many original plays for the ‘Rep’ with Lewis Black. 

While pursuing her acting career, Kimberly also worked simultaneously at ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ so that she could make extra money. 

Kimberly also starred in several productions by ‘Broadway’ like ‘One Slight Hitch’ at a modern theatre and ‘Boeing-Boeing’ at Vancouver’s Arts Club, both in Seattle. 

The recommendation of her name to screenwriter and actor Andy Tennant was the transformation point for her career. She is forever thankful to her manager for the recommendation. 

It was the recommendation that landed her roles as series regular although the show was later cancelled. The show later ended up as a TV movie titled ‘Thunderballs’. Kimberley starred in the film as ‘Nikki’. 

Kimberly had already starred in a short film in 2009 titled ‘Live Henry Live’. However, she made enough money featuring in ‘Thunderballs’, and she soon understood that she must be open to many platforms to survive. 

Shortly after, Kimberly started to scout for movies roles; she even employed an agent in Vancouver to this effect. Her persistency paid off in 2012 when she landed a recurring role in ‘Primeval: New World’. The movie is British Canadian fiction, and Kimberly starred as ‘Brooke Cross’.

In the same 2012, Kimberly featured in 4 more shows, ‘Supernatural’, A bride for Christmas’, and ‘Alcatraz’. A year later, she features in ‘Motive’ (a drama series about police procedures), and ‘Continuum’ (a Canadian science fiction). Kimberly also appeared in ‘Air Buddies’ franchise and ‘Super Buddies’, both superhero comics video. 

Her appearance in the Canadian drama ‘Down River’ marked the transition of her career from TV to films. She equally featured in ‘Baby Sellers’, a TV movie based on child trafficking. 

Kimberly did not stop there, she continued to work on television, and she got features in some series such as ‘A Bit of Bad Luck’, ‘Spooksvile’, The Nine Lives of Christmas’, and ‘Witches of East End’. 

Kimberly had a repeated role from 2015 to 2016 (10 episodes) in ‘The Romeo Section’, a Canadian spy thriller series where she acted as ‘Kelly hadler’. Other movies that Kimberly has featured include ‘Traveler’ (2018), Cooking with Love (2018), Real Stephen Blatt (2017), Walking the Dog (2017), Hearts of Christmas (2016), All Things Valentine (2016), and An Emma Fielding Mystery: Past Malice in 2018. 

Kimberly also featured in 4 episodes of the mini-series ‘Unspeakable’ recently in 2019. 

Personal Life and Family

Kimberly was raised and born in Ottawa, Canada. We do not know much about her early life and childhood. That is why it is quite hard to ascertain her age. Kimberly is very secretive about her age. But we know she was born in the 1980s. 

Kimberly’s entire childhood was in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Other things she has kept secret includes information about her parents or siblings because she wishes to keep them off social media. All we know is that Graham Stramer is her father and that she is probably the only child of her parent. 

Kimberly had interests in sports as a child and would often spend more time with boys than girls. She participated in sports like range shooting, dancing, rock climbing, horseback riding, boxing, and snowboarding. 

Her hyper activeness in high school earned her a lot of popularity. It was after high school that she started getting movie roles that paved the way for her rise to fame. She later registered with the Trinity Western University based in Vancouver. Kimberly is a bachelor’s degree holder from the university where she majored in acting. 

Scot Sustad is Kimberly’s husband. He is a community builder and a Canadian entrepreneur. He also doubles as the CEO and founder of a website development agency based in Vancouver, ‘Digital Hot Sauce’ and ‘The Arrival Store’. 

The couple started their relationship while they were students at the ‘Trinity Western’. They later tied the knot in 2004. The couple has a twin daughter named Ari and Vienna born in 2017. They also have another daughter. 

There were rumours of divorce of the couples sometimes back. The couple refuted the stories, and it turned out to be false with both couples looking happy with the marriage. Speculations of whether both couples are not married have also begun to surface. 

Kimberly revealed in one of her interviews that she had to take a break from movie-making soon after the filming of ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas’. This is because she had to cater to her newborn baby. 

Instead, she opted for smaller roles so that she could have time for her family. She soon got pregnant again. 


Kimberly is allergic to cats, but she also loves them. She had to take antihistamines while she was on the set of ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas’. This is because Kimberly needed to be with a cat in many of her role in the movie. So the antihistamines act as an anti-allergy medicine for her.  

Kimberly is very fond of Harry Potter and is also a fan of Lord of The Rings. Her favourite actors are Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Rusell Crowe. 

She loves to hang out with her family despite her tight schedule. She also loves to travel. 

Net Worth

Kimberly currently worth close to $1million and her worth keeps rising as her career keeps on blossoming.

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