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Gary Owen’s Wife – Kenya Duke Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Children)

In the year 1974 a miracle happened that many people don’t know i.e. Kenya Duke was born. The date of her birth is still unknown. She was born in Oakland, California which of course everyone knows is in the USA. At present Gary Owen’s Wife is 45 years old, and she is a well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur. But one of the ways in which many people recognize her is because she is the wife of Gary Owens. Gary Owens has fun-filled hormones, which made him the best comedian and actor ever in the United States. He can tickle you with funny ideas and can make you laugh non-stop. 

Net Worth of Kenya Duke 

Now, many people don’t like to know the straight forward facts about anyone’s life. All of them have a curious eye on the net worth of the famous personalities. So, let me jump into that topic and tell you that the net worth of Kenya Duke is more than $8.5 million. Gary Owen’s Wife managed to earn such a huge income from the business industry by becoming a par excellent entrepreneur. Kenya had also in the past shared her husband’s fortune details and it is somewhere around $3 million and above. Now, let’s get back to the normal life story of Kenya which she is leading. 

History of Kenya 

Just a little sneak peek into the history- she spent her early childhood days in her home town of Oakland. She was brought up by her mother alone whose name is Barbara Jean, and her father’s name is not known. He passed into heaven. May his soul Rest in Peace. She is very possessive about her father and also upset with the fact that her father passed away so soon and she couldn’t spend time with him. Gary Owen’s Wife has an American nationality. And she fits into the black ethnic group. But her husband has white ethnicity. 

CEO & TV Special Documentary 

Now, most Americans are Christian. So, of course, she is also a Christian. She has not yet thought about converting to another religion. She is the CEO of her company Premier Sports and Corporate Travel Company. The company mainly works in helping the film and TV production houses, music tours, and professionals including the college sports team to travel which is club travel and tournaments. In a TV special documentaryGary Owen’s Wife was invited for, ‘DeRay Davis: Power Play’ in the year 2010. Then, again in the year 2011, she was invited for appearing in Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling”, which was a special concert. 

Invited in Many Shows 

Let’s not forget her husband. She also was invited to appear in the show The Steve Harvey, which was broadcasted in the year 2016. Then, this was not the end of her appearances; she also appeared in many episodes of, ‘The Gary Owen Show’ which is directed by Gary Owens. Let’s now look at the personality of Kenya. Gary Owen’s Wife has long dark brown hair. But if you look at Google’s images it appears black. So, you will have to take a closer look to find out the hidden brown strands. As per the news sources, she has dark brown eyes. 

Well Maintained Body 

Kenya has a height which is 5ft, 4ins. And she weighs only 53 kg. Now that’s amazing. You must be wondering how she is maintaining her figure. Well, yes, she is slim. Now, let me tell you when did cupids arrow struck Kenya and Garry Owens. They met at a comedy club. It is a comedy store which is located in LA, California. At that time Garry was performing there. He tickled the funny side of Kenya so much that Gary Owen’s Wife fell in love with him. Then, the story begins, they started seeing each other. 

Kenya & Garry’s wedding – 

And when they got bored with their dating, they thought to take the final steps which are of course marriage. They were about to get married to each other on 19th July 2003. But I think the devil also had a plan to mess up. So, as expected the pastor walked away from the wedding, the beautiful wedding cake was dropped, and also a fight broke out. A complete thwarting of their wedding plans. So, they decided to make it afresh with a second ceremony, which was held on 19th December 2016. 

Kenya’s Kids 

Gary Owen adopted Kenya’s son named Emilio Toliver which was from a previous marriage. Then, the marriage bore fruits and they were blessed with two more children. A son named Austin and a daughter named Kennedy. As per the profession of Gary Owen’s Wife which she is continuing she is earning well and has made marvelous achievements so far. There are varieties of business that she is doing which is helping her in amassing such a fortune. The current net worth of Kenya is estimated to be approx. $10 million. Plus, her husband is also earning a decent amount of money from his ever-growing career. 

House Flipping Business 

Apart from that many people don’t know that Gary Owen’s Wife also deals with house flipping i.e. wholesale real estate business. Even after an inter-racial marriage, their relationship is still well balanced and there seems no difference of opinion among them. They also did a short-lived reality show on BET, which was tagged, Half Black, Half White, Half Hour. If you are feeling discouraged then it is recommended that you switch to the shows of Garry Owens. He will make you laugh like anything. He is there to lift our spirits. Check out for his latest comedy specials. 

Frequent Jokes & US Army – 

Garry Owens frequently cracks jokes about his wife and kids. And they have now become a butt of jokes. Well, thankfully they are not upset about it. Garry is named as the funniest serviceman in America. He got his big break in his career in the year 1997 with his show Comic view. Garry Owen also served in the US Navy for 6 years as a Master at Arms. He was also in the Presidential Honor Guard. He also developed a huge African-American fan base. There are many films in which Owen had appeared like Rebound, College, and Daddy Day Care, etc.  

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