Jobs that Require Little or No Experience

List of High Paying Jobs Without a Degree or Experience

It is not out of place for employers to ask prospective employees for how much experience they have in a certain field before offering them a job. While this seems like the norm, the fact remains there are jobs that require little to no experience to get started. In addition to requiring little to no experience, some of these jobs do not require more than a high school diploma.

Are you looking to get a new job but do not have so much work experience? You do not have to worry. There are jobs you can do with little or no experience. Below are some of these jobs.

Flooring Installers

You do not need any type of formal education to get a job as a flooring installer. Nonetheless, you will be picked over someone with no formal education if you have a high school diploma. Furthermore, no type of training is needed before you begin working as a flooring installer. You, however, will get trained while already working. This training can be as short as a couple of weeks and as long as four years. Regardless of the fact that you do not need a lot of exposure to work as a flooring installer, you can get decent pay. 

Flight Attendant

This job seems catchy. Nonetheless, its requirements are quite low. To get started as a flight attendant, you simply need a high school diploma or something similar. Although you need a bit of training to be on this job, you do not have to get any training before you get started as you can always have three to six weeks of training while already on the job.

There is a high demand for flight attendants and it does not seem like this demand will go down any time soon. This is due to the rapid increase in the number of people flying yearly as well as the increase in the number of crew members needed by big planes. 

All things being equal, airlines do not like employing flight attendants with no form of experience. They usually require about two years’ experience as a customer service personal. They, however, are not particular about where this experience is gotten from. So, if you have done something as simple as working as a high school restaurant server, there are airline firms that will be more than interested in hiring you and training you as you go along.

While training on this job is easy, it is followed by an FAA-mandated test. While this job seems catchy for people that love to travel, it is associated with long standing periods and irregular hours.

Delivery Driver

The job of a delivery driver is one that can be gotten with just a high school diploma or any certificate equivalent to it. You can get started without any training as you will obtain a few days of training while you are already on the job. Although this job does not require any experience, it is common knowledge that you should know how to drive properly.

In the past, this job fell into the category of jobs that you could not earn so much on. Nonetheless, a lot has changed in the last few years. If you work for firms like UPS and FedEx, you might be able to live well as a delivery driver. At the moment, there are lots of app-based grocery delivery and restaurants. This has gone a long way to increase the amount the average delivery driver earns.

While this job can be done full time, you do not have to be a full-time delivery driver. You can decide to do it only during the holidays. 


This job does not exactly have any certificate requirement. Nonetheless, if you have a bartender certificate, your job prospects will be greatly improved. To get started, you might not need any training. You, however, will be trained while on the job.

To work as a bartender, you will need to undergo “responsible serving” courses. In addition to these courses, bartenders with the right level of experience work with fresh bartenders until these new bartenders can work alone. That’s not all. Aspiring bartenders sometimes get trained by washing glasses and fetching bottles until they are good enough to work as bartenders.

Hamzat Removal Worker

The job description of a hamzat remover is very broad. It involves the removal of materials that are considered hazardous. Most popular among them are lead and asbestos. It, however, is not limited to the removal of lead and asbestos but involves removing any substance that is considered an environmental contaminant.

There are certain hamzat removal jobs that simply need you to have a high school diploma and be ready to work with protective gear on. Some others need a good degree of training.

While you can work as a hamzat removal worker with just a high school diploma, if for any reason, you will be moving already removed hazardous materials from one part of town to another, you will need to be specially trained. That’s not all. You will also need a special state-issued license, as well as a commercial driver’s license. 

To do this job, you need to always pay attention to details as transporting hazardous substances can be bad for your health.

Oil & Gas Field Roustabout

This job is usually considered boring. Nonetheless, it is very essential. It involves the assembly, as well as the repair of hydraulic and mechanical equipment. This job is not associated with any glamor. It, however, is a great job for people with natural technical abilities but no tertiary education. It is a job that simply requires a high school diploma or any equivalent.

Sales Representative

To be a sales representative, you do not need any form of experience. You simply need a high school diploma, the ability to communicate properly, and a massive dose of interest in the product your employer markets. If you meet these requirements, you can get a job as a sales representative without any form of experience.

The job of a sales representative is not one that everyone can do. It is a job for people that enjoy convincing random people to buy a product they have no need for. If you do not enjoy encouraging people to part with money for a product they do not need, you most likely will not do well as a sales representative.


There are lots of plumbers all around the world as the demand for them is very high. While lots of people consider the job of a plumber to be one that does not attract a lot of pay, plumbers are usually properly compensated.

Regular plumbers do not need more than a high school diploma to get to work. However, if you must work as a specialist, you will need some welding certificates.

If you want to make the best out of working as a plumber, you might need to be an apprentice for four to five years. While working as an apprentice, you will earn about 50% of what full workers earn.

Administrative Assistant

The role of an administrative assistant cannot be overstated so long a white-collar workplace is involved. To work as an administrative assistant, you simply need a high school diploma or degree of equivalence. Although you do not need any form of experience to get a job as an administrative assistant, you will need to get trained for a couple of weeks while on the job.

As an administrative assistant, you do not have to work from the four walls of an office. The world is getting a lot more advanced. Due to this, administrative assistants can work from home.

Elevator Installer

Elevator installers are properly financially compensated for their jobs. This job does not need a lot of experience and can be done by people with a high school diploma. Regardless of this, to work as an elevator installer, you have to be an apprentice for about four years. You will need to spend about 100 hours learning in a classroom without getting any pay. This is in addition to spending up to 2,000 hours getting trained on the job.

As an elevator installer, you should be ready to work in dangerous environments. If you are not willing to spend long hours working in cramped environments, you might not want to work as an elevator installer.

Commercial Truck Driver

To get started as a commercial truck driver, some of the requirements are a commercial driver certificate and a high school diploma. If you do not have a high school diploma, any degree that is equivalent can be used. While a high school diploma is always needed, you can go on with the job if you do not have a commercial driver certificate.

This job can be done by virtually anyone that is ready to spend long hours on the road without seeing their families. If you have a family that might be very uncomfortable with the fact that you will be away from home for a long time, you might do better on this job if you are unattached.


The job of a landscaper is not glamorous. It. However, is in high demand. To get started on this job, you simply need a high school diploma. Not every employer, however, will be comfortable dealing with a high school diploma holder. This means post-secondary coursework in horticulture, or landscape will be great.

To get started as a landscaper, you do not need to be trained. You will get trained while on the job. However, if you want to get involved in golf course management, you may need formal coursework. 

While there will always be work for landscapers, there are a lot more opportunities when the climate is warm as compared to the available opportunity when the climate is cold

Security Guard

To work as a security guard, you will need a clean criminal record and a very good degree of physical fitness. These are both for very obvious reasons. To get started, you simply need a high school diploma or any degree of equivalence.

There are lots of opportunities for people that qualify to be security guards. This job is one that is open to people with no level of experience and does not necessarily require any training. This is one reason it is associated with relatively low pay. Although the pay for the post of a security guard is low, after getting experienced and getting a bachelor’s degree, you can get a much better job as a law enforcer.

Construction Laborer

More often than not, to work as a construction laborer, you do not need any form of formal education. Nonetheless, if you will be working in a specialized position, you should have a high school diploma. Furthermore, for most job requirements, you can get trained on the job. This implies that you do not need any form of experience to get started. 

This job is not associated with any form of glamor. This implies if you are interested in living a glamorous, it just might not be a suitable job for you. It is a job that is in high demand and is great for people looking to work outdoors but do not have any qualifications.

While on this job, you might not be working at a place for a long time. This is because it is a project-based job. You, therefore, should be ready to move from one job to another in a short while. Regardless of the fact that you do not need certifications to get started, there is a lot of room to climb up the ladder on this job.


You do not need any formal education to work as a roofer. This is in addition to the fact that you do not need any training as you can get all the experience you need after a couple of months on the job.

Although you do not need a high school diploma to work as a roofer, you will need to have a huge willingness to learn new things. You should also be very comfortable with heights and extreme weather.

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