Jim Cornette Experience & Who Is He?

Born September 17, 1961, James Cornette is better known by his stage name; Jim Cornette or General Cornette is a retired professional wrestling manager, Booker, agent, commentator, and promoter. He also used to wrestle seldomly. He is an author and podcaster of his podcast called The Jim Cornette Experience. Arguably wrestling’s most controversial figures, Jim Cornette has had lots of run-ins with the media mainly due to his atheistic stance and political ideologies. 

He had been working as a photographer, ring announcer and public relations correspondent at wrestling events right from when he was 14. His big break was when he became the manager for Sherri Cartel in the 1980s; since then, he had managed a couple of other wrestlers, including a trio who went by the name ‘ The Cornette Dynasty.

He was also able to sign deals with major wrestling industries at that time, such as Mid -South Wrestling, where he fought in the legendary ” The Last Stampede” match. It was also at this time that he had begun carrying a tennis racket as a trademark. 

In most cases when he is in the ring, he often used this racket to beat his clients’ opponents whenever he got the chance, an example of this is when he was the manager for the two-time National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) world tag team champions and two-time NWA United States tag team champions. He would use this racket to attack opponents, which made him and his clients popular but heavily despised by fans and spectators.

Jim Cornette Injuries 


However, it hasn’t all been good for the 58-year-old as he has had his fair share of injuries and scars at times when he occasionally fought in the ring such as in 1986 when he sustained a severe knee injury during a match against The Road Warriors, but he would later say that performing in front of such a large audience was more important than his own health. 

It was, however, during this same year that he became the color commentator for Jim Crockett’s promotions and the TBS broadcasts on Saturdays. He also became a booker on WCW for a short while due to conflict of interest between him and the then WCW head.

A year later he set up his own wrestling promotion company called the Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion which he had started with the hope of enforcing territorial wrestling; this did not work out as well as he had planned this was because the way his company and other regional companies were perceived by the fans was bad for business. 

He ended up selling all the rights and videos of the company to the World Wrestling Entertainment, which was then known as the World Wrestling Federation in 1995, which he had begun working with since 1993.

During his stay at the WWF, Jim Cornette worked as a color commentator, booker, and manager but was eventually replaced as a booker after getting into lots of disagreements with the writer. In May 2005, WWE terminated his contract after it was previously suspended due to his slapping of Anthony Carrelli, an OVW developmental wrestler backstage.

After the termination of his contract by WWE, Jim Cornette signed a deal with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) in 2006 where he was given the post of Management Director, with this post he was able to stay on top of things as he was the head of all managerial duties in TNA. This did not last very long as his contract was terminated in 2009 due to his unwillingness to fully back TNA’s creative team. 

In the same year, he joined Ring of Honor (ROH) to be the executive producer for the ROH wrestling show. However, it was short-lived as the ROH announced that Jim Cornette had been replaced the reason being because of Jim’s outbursts on a television taping. He decided to take a long break from professional wrestling altogether and was said to be working on personal projects.

He made his first appearance after the break two years later as a color commentator with What Culture Pro wrestling with his friend Jim Ross. He has since then made other appearances in the WWE and National Wrestling Alliance.

Jim Cornette Experience

For many of you who are interested in knowing historical facts in the world of entertainment and sports, the Jim Cornette Experience is a great series of podcasts to learn from. The Jim Cornette Experience is a podcast hosted by the brilliant duo of Jim Cornette and Brian Last. It is a podcast that helps you with blunt and straightforward talks on wrestling, entertainment, politics, and many more. 

With exactly 340 episodes as of July 17, 2020, the podcast has presented uncensored takes since it started on the 27th of February, 2017 on how the professional wrestling body operates and current news about all the happenings in the world of wrestling.

In the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, politics and other grand breaking topics on entertainment are also not left out. For you to catch most of the beautiful pieces of information about wrestling, politics, lifestyle, and many more, you can always join the podcast each Thursday to get the best out of the podcast.

With the first episode of the podcast on tennis rackets, dream matches, and many more, the Jim Cornette Experience podcast has witnessed encouraging audiences from over 200 thousand listeners around the world.

Jim Cornette, as a professional author, shares insight with Brain Last on current political, sport, and social moments. They allure their listeners with their speaking dexterity on news, political trends, wrestling, entertainment, pop culture, and other social aspects that have dominated the week’s headlines.

Having known for his interesting facts on recording artistes within the old collection of music, he is also believed by many listeners to be able to use the punchline for commands in his talks.

Before the start of the podcast, Jim has been a professional wrestler, manager, promoter, and trainer. Little wonder why modern wrestlers find the Jim Cornette podcast appreciating to listen to. If you are the type who likes podcasts that put you in a good mood, then the Jim Cornette Experience podcast is a good spot to explore.

Why should you listen to the Jim Cornette Experience Podcast?

Ever since Jim started his podcast, he has been able to capture many aspects of the entertainment and sports industry. He has given bold talks beyond just wrestling. For many wrestling fans, Jim’s ability to predict events in wrestling has been top-notch for the audience he receives from wrestling fans.

He has been able to enlighten young modern wrestlers on how they can make their way to the limelight. Also, he had been able to give bold political views to young folks and how the entertainment industry will experience growth in the face of other competitive industries.

Also, Jim’s history-based facts cannot be overemphasized, considering the fact that he has many books to his name. Because of this, many are not afraid to listen to his historical facts in entertainment, sports, documentary, politics, and many more.

Recent reviews on Jim’s podcasts have been encouraging since he has been able to explain to thousands of listeners why wrestling matters in sport. For new listeners who might want to keep moving with the entertainment train, Jim’s weekly podcast will give you historical insights on sports, wrestling, and pop culture.

On the final note, the credibility accrued to his talks by thousands of listeners worldwide has given him the confidence to present more grand breaking facts. If you love to be in a happy mood with wrestling and entertainment, historical facts, and social events, then the credibility of Jim’s talks is a great consideration of why you should listen to the Jim Cornette Experience.

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