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Joe Rogan’s Wife – Jessica Schimmel Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

There is no doubt that everyone wants to do something that makes them popular and they get lots of money in their life. They want to do something that people attract to them and feel eagerness to know about them and yes it is a very special feeling and achievement in one’s life. There are lots of famous people who are actors, singers, players, comedian, musician, politician and many more people who do many of the things for the people and also face a struggle in their life, and because of their hard work they get success in their life and achieve their goals.

That makes them popular and also motivates the person to do the things that stop them from achieving their goals, which makes them more strength to reach their goals. And today we are talking about a woman who does a very little job and now she is one of the best actresses and models. And her name is Jessica Rogan. Jessica Rogan married Joe Rogan and also known as Joe Rogan’s Wife. You can read about them in this article. What they do, how they meet, education, and family, all detailed information is explained here. And you will know about their life deeply with us via this article. 

Let us start to talk about firstly Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and television host. And he takes many turns, for instance, the standup comedian turns –UFC commentator-turned- omnipresent podcast host. As it is well known that if a person gets success then people try to know more about them professionally and personally and they also try to know about their family and background and that will be some time notorious. But when he gets married to Jessica Rogan his life was changed fully. Jessica Rogan’s father is also a comedian in his time and gain a lot of fame. The audience loved him a lot because of his funny and sensible nature. 

Biography of Joe Rogan’s wife

Jessica Rogan who is the wife of Joe Rogan was born on 28th June 1978, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her father is also a great standup comedian. She is one of six siblings- five brothers and one sister. But unfortunately, she lost one of her brothers at the age of 11 because of cancer. 

Education & Career

After completing her high school education she attends California State University and gets a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Technical Theater. But after some time she proceeds to the University of Arizona and gets her second Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Molecular and Cellular Biology. 

But currently, she is working as a model and TV producer, for Robert Half Technology. Even she is working for many of the modeling agencies before. And before his modeling career, she does the job of a cocktail waitress. She worked in Hollywood And Divine and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed, in both the production as an assistant. 

She signed with a modeling company that is Chinese and for a few months, she moved to China to work as a model named EM Model Management. After that, she signed with many modeling companies and one of those companies is a Korean company and works as a model for Korean Whole Company which is named Kingdom B Wholesale. After that, she carries on her career in Modeling in Thailand and there she worked with the modeling company which is called The Only Models. Before she comes back to States, she worked with that modeling company for a year.  After working for this company, she was rewarded with many awards and prizes. In an interview, she said that she has dreamed to become a successful model in her career and she is on the way to achieve her dream. She worked a lot and getting the results of her hard work. Still, she is performing as a model in many events and recently she has been seen in one of the top-rated events which were held in Los Angles. 

All the thing is that she worked with lots of modeling agencies and moved from one place to another regarding her modeling career. But in every area and with every agency she does a great job and gets success everywhere. Even also she works for the fashion weeks. 


Jessica and Joe Rogan started dating each other in 2008 and also they gave birth to their first daughter in 2008. After the birth of their daughter, they get married in 2009. And in 2010 they gave birth to their second daughter. But they have their family with three daughters because Jessica has her first daughter before his marriage to Joe Rogan. Her first daughter is from her late husband Keven Dino, who is a Canadian born singer. And her first daughter’s name is Kayja Nichole Connor. But after getting married to Joe Rogan, he legally adopted her. But before marriage to Joe Rogan, Jessica raised her daughter as a single mother. 

Yes, she married one of the biggest celebrities, but after that, she tried to make her non-working life as private as possible. She does not like to share details of her private with social sites. Even her social media accounts are private that means who is not her follower cannot see her profile. She is good looking and also very kind to her family and lives with her family with lots of love. 

If you are the one who is thinking to become a successful model in her career and belongs to the common family. Then, this article is for you and inspires yourself from the success story of Jessica Rogan. For becoming successful in your life, a person must have determination and passion regarding his or her career. She did not take advantage of the popularity of her husband, Joe Rogan. Her career never goes down and she did not turn back. So, get to know about her so that you can also achieve your dreams.

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