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Aisha Tyler’s Ex Husband – Jeff Tietjens Wiki (Bio, Age, New Wife, Kids, Net Worth)

Aisha Tyler is very well known in Hollywood for being a jack of all trades. But her odd job man skills didn’t work in her married life with Jeff Tietjens. Jeff is one of the most well-known lawyers in America. And he came into the limelight after marrying Aisha TylerAisha Tylers Ex-Husband was born on 18th August 1970. Dartmouth College was lucky to have a student like Jeff, who is a true star. He excelled in his Bachelors’ & Master’s degrees in law and administration. On the internet, you will not get much information about his parents, siblings, and early life. One of the surprising things that you will know is that Jeff met Aisha at Dartmouth College. 

Jeff files for Divorce 

And soon this meeting turned into dating. It led them into tying the knot with each other in the year 1992. And in April 2016, Jeff filed for divorce. As there were many reasons that thwarted their married life. And the reasons for their divorce as stated by Aisha Tylers Ex Husband were the difference that was impossible to reconcile. The couple tried hard for various kinds of fertility treatments but they did not have any kids. Maybe this was one of the reasons why they couldn’t enjoy their married life. 

Jeff’s Proven Advocacy Skills 

After Jeff graduated, he started to work at Dartmouth College, and afterward he worked as an attorney and he also worked in several law firms. At present, he is running his own law firm in New York and San Francisco. Jeff has Italian ancestry. Aisha Tylers Ex Husband finally proved his lawyer-ship skills, when the judgment came in which Aisha was ordered to pay Jeff a monthly spousal of worth $31,250 i.e. totaling $2 million including a one-time payment of $500,000. Jeff’s career dint makes him famous. It was his relationship with Aisha that made him famous in one night. 

Jeff a Good Lawyer

People still know him as a good lawyer, running his law firms in New York and San Francisco. As per the sources, there is no information on how he became a multi-millionaire. It is also reported that Jeff bought a house worth $2 million in Los Angeles. The house is very lavish and it measures 2,500 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. So, finally, Aisha Tylers Ex Husband has climbed the success steps which made him rich in 2019. According to the latest sources, Jeff’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. And it is quite an impressive figure which he attained so fast. 

Jeff’s Success

His wealth is also likely to increase if he focuses well on his career. Also, it is said that Jeff has 2 mansions, one in Hanover, New Hampshire, and the other in San Francisco, California. And he trips between these places when his work schedule is flexible and permits him to do so. Jeff matriculated from High School in 1986. Aisha Tylers Ex Husband also got a job in the prestigious law firms, which gave him chances to enhance his legal skills. His career has been quite successful and he is well experienced in his field of legal knowledge making him a proficient lawyer. 

Jeff’s Accusations 

Jeff and Aisha lived for more than 20 years. And then there came a sudden separation in the year 2015. The fans of Aisha still believed that Jeff would return back. But things turned out to be sour as Jeff filed for a divorce. The exact reasons for the divorce are still not known. But as per the rumors, Jeff blamed Aisha for her inability to conceive. But it is quite surprising to know that how come Aisha Tylers Ex Husband is keeping himself away from the media still? Is he hiding from the media? Or is that media people have given up on knowing more about Jeff? 

What’s cooking Up in Jeff’s Life? 

I think the media should still try to find and track Jeff and what’s cooking up in his life. Also, why did he leave Aisha to become a lesbian? Maybe he knew about some secrets of Aisha that she was cheating on him, definitely not with a male but with a female. And this disgusted him. Though he dint wants to reveal it to the public, it was because his name and fame were attached with Aisha’s name. And maybe this was her real hidden intentions that Aisha Tylers Ex Husband had come to know that she dint want to have kids. 

Whether Jeff is Happy with Divorce

And it is still unknown whether Jeff is watching her movies and performances. The media should track Jeff and take his views on Aisha and her work. Whether Aisha Tylers Ex Husband is happy after moving forward? How about his career? And does he appreciate the achievements which Aisha had made in these years including her relationship with Emily BettRickards. Does it affect him in any way? It is said that Aisha Tyler has found her new true love, does this makes Jeff any jealous? These are all the questions that still need an answer. Wake up American Media. 

Aisha & Her Positive Views after Divorce-  

But Aisha had very positive views even after her messy divorce. Even after their separation, Aisha wished that Jeff be joyful and get fulfillment in whatever he does or chooses in his life. She also said that she would extend a helping hand to him in helping him achieve what he wants. But nothing is still heard of Jeff commenting on Aisha’s such positive views about him. Don’t know whether he accepted her friendship after divorce. Also, she commented that she doesn’t see her and Jeff’s relationship as a failure. Well, that is how people say, just like what Aisha said that she was with this extraordinary person and enjoyed the 25 years of marriage. 

Aisha’s Realization about Jeff

If that was the case with Aisha realizing about how extraordinary Jeff was then she shouldn’t have gone a long way hurting Jeff and making it impossible for Aisha Tylers Ex Husband to do the reconciliation. Plus, when things started getting messy in her relationship, she shouldn’t have been the glue to her glamorous world. She should have taken the time to sit back and think about where to make corrections. But maybe she was expecting that a magic wand would work for her relationship, which actually din’twork. 

Did the Divorce Affect Jeff -? 

Plus, in this devastated divorce, the couple was ordered to split everything equally, including their residence. But that dint affects Jeff that much because he already had 2 houses which he had bought in New York and San Francisco. Neither did it have any effect on Aisha. Aisha looked happy with the divorce. But was this the same case with Aisha Tylers Ex Husband? I think the media failed to take coverage of Jeff’s reaction after the divorce. Whether did he really feel bad about his divorce? And still, we have no clue whether Jeff found his love or not. 

Jeff’s Second Marriage Plans 

Does Aisha Tylers Ex Husband have any plans for a second marriage? If so who will it be some other glamorous actress or a plain down to earth housewife? Well, it is also possible that Jeff can take action for infringing into his privacy if pushed hard on this subject. So, let’s not take the risk folks. Also, it is important to know and acknowledge that Jeff is not a public figure, so we should respect his privacy and leave him alone. But still, there are many questions that are unanswered for which people are very curious to know. At present Aisha is not dating any male friends, except that she is so glued with her girlfriend. 

Final Words 

As per my views, the marriage of Jeff and Aisha was a mistake. Maybe it was not love; it was an infatuation that lasted too long and led them into falsely believing that it is love and tying the knot. Aisha should have been straight. 

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