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Jocko Willink’s Wife – Helen Willink Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Married, Kids, Net Worth)

Helen Louise Willink, 50 years old, is a wife to Jocko Willink. Jocko Willink is a retired Navy officer, who later became a podcaster and an author. They both have been married for about 20 years, and she has been a good, caring and loyal wife and mother to her family.

Besides, Helen has been of generous support to Jocko all her life, right since his service in the navy and even till after his retirement. This has made Jocko succeed in all his endeavors.

Her Biography

Helen Willink was born on June 20th, 1970. She spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years in England and later got a job as a flight attendant at one of the aviation companies in Bahrain where she met Jocko Willink. Not much information was known about her and her family before she met Jocko.

However, Jocko worked as a naval officer abroad at that time, and they began getting attracted to each other. This affection was getting more profound, and they both got married in 2013. Helen describes their marriage as being complicated, but they got married anyway.

Her Family

Helen’s husband, Jocko Willink, was a lieutenant commander while in service. He got retired and was honored for his service after spending 20 years in the US Navy. After his retirement, he was luckily enrolled into a leadership training course, and soon afterwards, became a co-founder of Echelon Front. 

About Echelon Front

Echelon Front is a consulting firm that was established by Leif Babin, (Jocko Willink’s friend) in conjunction with Jocko Willink himself. He also unveiled his brand – a training and fitness center named Victory MMA and Fitness. Not only that, himself and his friend Echo Charles, who is a Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner, then began a weekly podcast.

These moves made him so famous that he gained millions of views and followers on YouTube. He also authored some best-selling books in New York. These books include “Extreme Leadership: How the US Navy Seals Lead and Win.”

About their relationship

Helen and Jocko had four kids between them. Their first child and daughter, named Freja, was born on September 25th, 1999 in Waterbury CT while they had another child two years later. Their second child and daughter was named Rana and was born in San Diego CA on March 12th, 2001.

The third son, Thorson, was born a year later on December 4th in San Diego. Also, they had the fourth child, who is a girl. Confidential details and information about the family as a whole were kept away from the media.

This has been part of the reasons for a successful celebrity life lived so far. Jocko once confirmed this to the media that this move has kept so many bad individuals away from his family.

Jocko Willink feels that what made Helen develop an interest in him was his commitment and hard work in his job. There was a time Jocko mentioned in his tweet that his wife wouldn’t get married to a lazy man. He even claimed that his daughters wouldn’t do the same.

On the other hand, Helen claimed that even though Jocko’s may look harsh and intimidating, he is so great with the kids. He has been a good father and cracks jokes occasionally. He trains with them, protects them and has always made himself available for the kids.

Helen claimed that at a time, Jocko had a conversation with their eldest daughter’s boyfriend. Ever since then, the boy has always been serious and silent whenever Jocko comes around. Jocko believes and practices whatever he preaches.

He is successful in all areas. This is evident considering his family, and his children are so proud of him. His children have emulated him and have proven an exemplary leadership life right from their school days.

All the children schooled at Point Loma High School (PLHS), a school widely known for breeding exceptional students. Currently, Freja, the first daughter, is studying at the University of California in Berkley. Whereas, the second and third born, Rana and Thor have decided to follow the footsteps of their father. 

They have chosen the path of a professional wrestler as a career. Mind you, Rana is just in her senior classes at Point Loma High School, and she has recently qualified for the state wrestling competition. This is an outstanding achievement, and she has really made her family proud, and even the school at large.

She would be the first-ever “Pointer Wrestler” that would qualify for the tournament. This feat was last achieved in the 1990s. According to her coach, she is an experienced, matured and well-composed player, and she has positively influenced the team as a whole.

Therefore, she was made the captain of her team. She is elegant, classy, beautiful and to cap it all, extraordinarily strong on the mat. Despite all these, Rana still excels in her academics as she currently maintains a 4.3 academic grade point (GP).

Thor, just like her sister, is also doing well in his career. He came fifth at the Masters’ competition in San Marcos high and also came third in the City League Championship competition.

Facts about Helen Willink

So far, Helen has been so passive on social media, which may be due to her husband’s job nature. She only has a Facebook account, and she only shares very little details about herself, her family and even her friends. Another interesting fact about Helen Willink is that she also devotes herself to fitness. 

Although she does not go too hard as her husband, she uses the gym when her husband, Jocko, isn’t using the gym. She has once shared that she usually reminds him that she isn’t part of his team and that she is just a fitness enthusiast.

Jocko could barely make a joke, and only a few people understand his boring sense of humor. Helen is one of these few people who not only know when her husband is sarcastic or hilarious but also understand him perfectly.

Wrap up

Helen Willink has proven the popular saying; “behind a successful man, there is a woman”. She is one of the major influences behind Jocko’s success during his service and after retirement. She is a perfect model for a family woman.

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