Gold Experience Requiem

Golden Wind Experience Requiem – Giorno Giovanna & JoJo

If you’ve ever been a fan of the manga series known as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, then you may know that there are numerous varieties of the Anime Amino that has its own special connection with others that allows you to share all things anime! What we’re going to talk about is the JoJo’s Gold Experience Requiem today. In the world of an Amino (a mobile anime/manga app, which collaborates live action roleplaying, choose your own story – with mobile interactivity – and an anime comic, plus a social media experience), the Gold Experience Requiem is a special character. 

What is a Gold Experience Requiem?

The character known as Giorno Giovanna’s Gold Experience ends up being pierced by a golden stand arrow, and then becomes a humanoid that has purple eyes and a symbol of the Stand Arrow on it once it evolves. The bad thing about this humanoid though, is that it can completely nullify attacks by its challengers, and then take their willpower away from them – completely disarming them. Basically, it’s an evolution form that acts as an ability in itself. There is one thing that is crazy about this single ability though – it is based off of a Prince Album (also known as the artist formerly known as prince, etc.). When Prince died on April 21st of 2016, it sparked an entire movement and craze which ended up hitting the manga world by storm.

What is a “Stand”?

A stand is a special power in the world of anime and manga. While JoJo’s Bizarre Experience isn’t as popular as some other major anime titles, it’s been around for a long time – precisely airing since 1985. The ability for the Gold Requiem Experience is a modification from the Gold Experience ability. One of the main characters in the anime even looks like the powerful pop star, and with this ability, they can basically use their anime manga powered robot fight for them. 

So, There’s an Amino App?

Amino Apps has designed a special app that allows you to watch anime shows, read and post your own blogs, and even find out all of the latest knowhows and news about numerous different things – except it’s all based on Japanese animation.  Many people think that these apps are unsafe because of the level of anime violence that is displayed on it. 

What Sets Gold Experience Requiem Apart?

This stand is actually a little different than the gold experience itself. Of course, this requiem looks very similar in color, but this one is completely fused with the arrow. Giorno uses this attack to completely nullify an attack at times. When the opponent is returned to zero, the Gold experience requiem is basically knocking you back to point a from point b. If it’s a time-shift, it does a buttload of damage and can be comparable to soul punch.

Is Gold Experience Automatic?

The answer is yes. It’s not something that is completely controlled, and it just happens. If you think about it, it’s very similar to that of other manga comics, in which the bot simply just “does”. It’s like superpowers that emerge out of thin air automatically. And more than anything, it’s confusing as hell. For example, even though all of the gold experience requiem’s stats are none or zero (flying, time warping, power, etc.), it has the ability to reset everything to zero. So, in a nutshell, it’s a magical math genius that has figured out how to divide by zero! In terms of flying for example, it’s not really flying, but what it’s doing is resetting gravity altogether, which allows it to basically float in thin air.


If you haven’t read this manga amino, or even used the app, or seen the manga itself, you should definitely look into it. The only way to understand it is to essentially watch or read the anime’s. Japanese animation is a very confusing thing to some people, because the scenarios are completely fictional, but in almost every case, they’re completely original. And the older anime’s are actually the better one. If you ever get into JoJo Amino, you should definitely start from the beginning and read up to the Gold Experience Requiem so you can understand just how this sci-fi amino manga unfolds.

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