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James Hetfield’s Wife – Francesca Tomasi Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Married)

In the world, there are lots of people who are famous for their work, for their nature, for their capacity, for their sacrifices, and lots of things. And also people like to know about them, talk about them, search about their past and hard-work, what makes them famous and what are the facts about them. Even some people also want to know about their family. Because there are lots of famous people who have their family but they are not in the appearance in public.

Their family is not so famous on social media. And that’s the reason that makes people more interesting to know about their family. Like this, today we are going to discuss Francesca Hetfield. Francesca is the wife of famous musician James Hetfield. She plays a very important role in his life and also she is not using social media sites. That’s why very few people know about her. But today in this article we talk about James Hetfield’s Wife and discuss how they met and more about their family. For knowing more about her biography and marriage read to continue this article. 

First, we talk about James Hetfield. He is a world-renowned musician of the metal music genre. He sold millions of albums and also wins a Grammy Award for his work. His music is famous for four decades and he is one of the best and great musicians in the music industry. Even as a musician he faces many difficult phases of his life. But in those phases, one thing remains constant and beautiful for him and that is his wife, Francesca Hetfield. They have a long-lasting relationship and this relation is very strong among them. 

Biography of Francesca Hetfield

In every relationship, it seems that one half of the couple is famous for their work and appearance, and the other half has managed the shadow of their life, and that type of relationship is between James Hetfield and Francesca Hetfield. While James is famous for his music but his wife has not existed on social media. Francesca took birth in Rosario, Argentina on 27th January 1970. There are not many details about her childhood but she was relocated to America. She moved to secondary school for her study. She goes to study in a high school that is situated in Colorado. After what she did there is no much information that means she went to University or not, it is not clear. Even her life was until to us until she with James Hetfield. In many interviews, this question was raised but there is no answer to this question about her life before she met with her husband James Hetfield. 

But it is known Francesca was worked as a party-wear dress designer with stars and big celebrities and in this, she got a chance to work with the Band Metallic. And she met James Hetfield here. She used to design the whole band members’ clothes and creating their wardrobes. James is the leading singer of the band and frontman of the Metallic band. After some time they start to date each other. 

Marriage to James Hetfield

Metallic Band was formed in 1981 by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. This metal band is the most popular heavy metal bands in the world of metal music. Four other members in the band play guitar, bass, and other band instruments. As a band team, they win many awards in the music industry and achieve success at its peak. And they win at least nine times the Grammy award. 

In 1992, the band was gone on Wherever We May Roam tour for the promotion of their album, Black Album. Where Francesca worked as a costume designer and fill wardrobes with unique designs and this is the time when they meet. After that, they accept their love at first sight and when the tour was over they start to date each other. Five years later of dating, they get married in 1997. 

They have a sweet family with their three children. Cali Tee who is their first child was born in 1998, Castor Virgil’s second child of them was born in 2000, and the third child of theirs, who is Marcella Francesca was born in 2002. They all are living a happy and loving life with each other. In current they live in Vail, Colorado, where Francesca lives her childhood. 

What is the role of Francesca in James Hetfield’s life?

In many of the interviews, James Hetfield described how his wife Francesca changed his life and makes him a gentleman. He said that she always stood with him even in his tough times and always stands for their family. Once in a time, he faces a hell hole in his life and he believed that Francesca will come out of him from that hell point. And she did it. She taught him how to deal with his anger and also change his anger nature in the clam. She is the best gift and part of his life that he never wants to lose.

Some facts about Francesca Hetfield

There are some facts about James Hetfield’s wife Francesca Hetfield and these are:

  1. She does not use social media sites, and it is unbelievable. In today’s time, where everyone is busy on the social networking sites on the other hand Francesca has to maintain a distance from it.
  2. She doesn’t use the social sites that why it is not clear that what she does currently and what is her income. 
  3. Francesca plays a vital and unbelievable role in her husband’s life and always stands with him in every tough situation and also she is the biggest reason for his success. 
  4. Francesca also takes care of her family with lots of love and care and that’s the reason that they all are living a happy and joyful life together. 

This is all about Francesca that you read in this article and she enjoys and lives a happy life with her family.

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