Egg Festival Stardew Valley

Egg Hunt Festival in Stardew Valley Locations Map

In Stardew Valley, festivals are spectacular events. Each season has two festivals. Winter is an exception because it has three festivals. Mayor Lewis sends the player a letter before each festival, outlining where and when it will take place and the required conditions. On the day of the festival, a pop-up window indicates the start.

All buildings (homes and shops) in Stardew Valley are closed during all festivals before 7 pm. They are therefore open for the Moonlit Jellyfish Dance in summer and the Spirit Vigil in autumn. Sewerage, community center, and spa remain open. If the player does not participate in the festival and if the festival ends early enough, the player can access buildings at the end of the festival.

In a Multiplayer game, each player in the game must enter the Festival area to continue (except for the Night Market ). This is also implied for exiting the game if it does not stop automatically. Typically, only the party’s host can trigger other events.

In Stardew Valley, the egg festival is the first festival of the year. It is a big egg hunt you can participate in if you wish. On the 13th of each spring, the festival begins. You can participate in the egg festival by getting into Pelican Town Square between 9 am and 2 pm. The festival comes to an end as soon as Mayor Lewis declares who wins the game, then it takes you back to the Farm at 10 pm.

The egg hunt is a displayed charm of the egg festival. Some of the villagers will participate alongside you. This hunt is triggered when you speak to Mayor Lewis. The availability of players determines how many eggs to be won. In a single-player game, you will need to find nine or more eggs within 50 seconds. Otherwise, Abigail becomes the winner of the hunt. But by winning, you get to receive a reward, which is a straw hat. If you already have one as a result of winning in the past year, you get 1,000g.

What Are Players to Win?

In the course of the game, two players are to win six eggs; three players are to win five eggs, while four players are expected to win four eggs. If two players or more wins in the Egg Hunt, these players get to acquire the reward.

It’s easy if you collect the eggs without making any big detours. The trick is to avoid distant eggs, like the one near the beach, or those that are complicated to find, like the one at the back of the cemetery. You can go towards the pub, turn right and go up towards George’s house, or go left.

During this festival, a kiosk is set-up so you can procure a bunny plush toy and Strawberry Seeds. When these seeds are planted on the 16th, the same night of the festival, it makes it possible for you to harvest the strawberries multiple times before summer.

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