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Brandi Love’s Husband – Chris Potoski Wiki (Bio, Age, Children)

In a adult film industry, Brandi Love is considered as famous personality. Born in 1973 and she spent all her childhood in Michigan. Even as a kid she was talented and took part in dramas, dance shows, and ice skating. She was also good at sports and played soccer and tennis. She graduated from University of Central Michigan and gained her degree there.

Brandi Love is the granddaughter of Jesse Lauriston Livermore who is stock trade. He stays with his family in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  

Brandi Love started her website in 2004 which was created for a Los Angeles production company. In her career, she worked for many adult film production units and also published a book in 2008. Brandi Love rose to fame with her roles working at Brazzers, and popular production companies like Girlfriend Films, Hustler Video, Wicked Pictures, and Kelly Madison Media. 

She has won several awards for her work as Hot wife as well as MILF genre including the Night Movies Award and XBIZ Award. Her accolades made her a sought-after star in the adult film industry where she filmed with her husband as well.

Brandi Love’s husband, ChrisPotoski, is a CEO (Chied Operating Officer) and also an American businessman of a company known as boutique property development. He is the founder of two company known as Tracy Jordan assets management and Tracy Jordan Properties whichwas founded in 2014 and 2004 respectively. He has a double major in physiology and kinesiology from Central Michigan University. 

Chris Potoski, who is renowned businessman has began his career in the year 1995 as a Businss Development Director. In Setauket, New York, he worked in a curative heath service. He later became the Vice President of National Healing Corporation in 2000 till 2004. In 2009, he co-founded a software company which is named as Invixis where till 2014, i.e for 5 years he worked at the postion of CEO. 

Chris Potoski, organised a private wedding ceremony with his girlfriend which whom he had a long relation. His girlfriend name was Tracey Lynn Livermore who is also known as Brandi Love. They were happily married couple for 25 years and also have a beautiful daughter. 

In the year 2000, Chris Potoski, was go though bad health conditions, and it was advised by the doctors that he is required to switch his profession and move into such field where he will get less stress. Later, he and his wife Brandi Love began their career in the adult industry by starting shooting from home. Due to their venture, they were criticized by their family, and they finally were estranged front them. Their family did not support the work they were doing and believed that this would have a negative effect on their daughter.

Though he is a successful businessman now and lives happily with his family and daughter. Chris Potoski is not talking much about his family and often avoids the topic when mentioned in interviews as he is uncomfortable to discuss about it. However, Chris is very close to his wife and daughter and loves spending time with them.

Chris met Brandi during and film shoot and soon fell in love with her. Later, they married on 10th February 1995 in a private wedding attended by only friends and family. He is famous for his company, named Grapevine Greetings, which creates customized labels for high-end wine bottles.

Chris Potoski rose to fame when he determined to start his own media business which is knoen as No Rivals Media. It began from 2004 to 2008. Later, he decided to commence his own company named Tracy Jordan properties which is now retains a levish hotel. He also manages digital media of several customers as he was the founder of Tracey Jordan asset management company. Through this company, he targets to manage all social media content, assets, and domains for his clients. His company now successfully manages the social media content ranging from contract management, vendor negotiation, and compliance and state laws.

Due to his hard work and successful businesses, Chris Potoski is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. He is extremely popular as Brandi Love’s husband, who is a successful adult industry star. He started his business career in the early age of 23 years and by sheer hard work made his mark with his different sets of business endeavours.

Founded by Chris his company Tracy Jordan properties specializes in providing a luxurious and rich experience by the vacationer’s along Michigan Inland waterway in the Northwest corridor. Due to his business acumen he has won several prestigious awards like the President’s Club for his success in running various companies and business houses. His stunning business portfolio has given him a coll net worth also. 

He has several Linkedin pages and he has made a mark for himself in the social media world too. He has special interest in fishing, skiing and hiking also.

Though he faced some tough challenges and had to take difficult decisions regarding his line of work when he joined his wife, he always managed to keep his calm and stuck with his family. Since he is a multi faceted talent, he succeeded in whatever career options he chose. He served many years working in excetive level positions in several companies and followed his heart in setting up several companies of his own, in which he flourshed too.

Wrapping Up

He has always been supportive of his wife’s choice of profession and has stoof by her in thick and thin. He even started a website with her to support her career wise. Needless, to say he made loads of money in  this field too. He is actively involved in social work and supports several social causes too. He has liberally donated to these causes and believes in charity.

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