Five Precepts

Buddhist 5 Precepts - What are the Five Rules of Buddhism? The Five Precepts, also known as the five rules of training are the code of ethics for anyone willing to practice Buddhism. These precepts are Do not kill  Do Not Steal  Do not partake in any sexual Misconduct  Do not lie (Dishonesty)  Do not take Intoxicants  In as much as the five precepts are the foundation of Buddhism, Buddhists do not ...

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Cattle Terminology

Cow Terms - Adult Bull Heifer & Female Bovine Cattle Are you one who breeds cattle? or are you merely interested in cattle? Or perhaps you want to research cattle? This article comes in handy to you in whatever category you may fall into. This is because the knowledge of the cattle terminologies the article provides is essential for everything that concerns cattle. The terminologies help you sound like an expert in ...

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Movie Rulz Telugu India Websites - MovieRules Some years ago, the most common place lots of people watched movies was in cinemas. While it appears cinemas are still the best place to watch movies, going to the cinemas is no longer the most common way for people to watch movies. Lots of people prefer to watch movies via the internet. They do this by looking up movies on YouTube, as well ...

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