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Cal Ripken Experience Pigeon Forge Myrtle Beach Tournaments

The Cal Ripken experience is a program that gives kids the opportunity to feel like the major baseball stars they admire for a short while. It is a program put together by Cal Ripken and is focused on helping kids that love baseball stick to their dreams of becoming Major League Baseball stars.

In this tournament, young athletes take part in various events that help them showcase their skills, as well as help them achieve the best possible as long as athletics is concerned. Just like baseball, Cal Ripken baseball is based on perseverance, determination, and integrity. These values do not just help children do well on the pitch. It also helps them do well off the pitch

This tournament starts out with the children playing on micro league fields. However, as it progresses, they are allowed to move to major leagues. Although this experience is nothing close to the level of professional baseball. It gives kids that love baseball the privilege to play on a pitch that has the same model with the pitch Cal Ripken played.

Beyond playing on a pitch they could only have dreamt about, kids that take part in the Cal Ripken experience get coached by professionals. Furthermore, the scores get displayed on the same type of scoreboards used in professional games.


Beyond taking part in a couple of games that almost seem like games at professional levels, the location of this experience is also a factor that makes it amazing. Due to the location of the Cal Ripken Experience, everyone that wants to take part in it has a good number of alternatives as regards where to get lodged.

Participants in the Cal Ripken experience can make a choice out of a host of guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and hotels. Beyond just lodging individually, lots of accommodations in this location allow sports teams to pay group rates. That’s not all. There are lots of activities that make it possible for teams to bond. Some of these activities are canoeing, camping, and hiking.

So, in addition to enjoying the best of amenities so long baseball is concerned, participants at the Cal Ripken experience can also enjoy other experiences that will help them deal with the pressure to perform when playing a game.

Facilities are Top-Notch

The Cal Ripken experience has taken part in various cities. However, Pigeon Forge currently plays host to this event. This location offers top-notch amenities that everyone that takes part in this experience has to love. To start with, it faces the Smoky Mountains. This, therefore, offers participants an amazing view. Furthermore, it offers a clubhouse that is more than 14,000 square feet. That’s not all. It comes with a concession that measures 2,749 square foot and six inches that are properly lit and have synthetic turfs.

At this venue are training facilities of the same standard as those used by top-level professionals. Also, it features food, shopping, and batting cages. Although the turf at this facility is artificial. It is of very high quality. This way, drainage is never a challenge

Families are not Left Out

Although the baseball experience at the Cal Ripken Experience is targeted at ensuring that kids that love baseball have fun, their families are not left out.

When families have to cover long distances before taking part in a vacation, it could cause an unwanted level of stress. However, with the Cal Riken experience, things are different. What was designed as a weekend of baseball games for kids also helps families relax properly. 

Pigeon Forge which plays host to this experience is not far from other sites of attraction. Due to this, when around for a weekend dedicated to baseball, families do not have to do just this. They can explore the town and enjoy its other amazing sites. Some of these sights are the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg.

Although exploring various sites in the town is great, there is more. Families can also take part in activities that were designed to help families bond. Some of these indoor activities take place at theaters, arcades, and the museum. Activities that were designed to take place outdoors are mountain climbing, hiking, and horseback riding.

At this experience, parents can decide to watch their kids train. This, however, is not compulsory. As the kids get trained, parents can head to the local art galleries, head to the mountain, visit a restaurant, go see a popular shoe, or garb a cup of coffee.

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