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John Goodman’s Wife – Anna Beth Hartzog Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Net Worth)

In our daily life, we listen to many people. That’s something new or something from their past and something from the last few years. But we don’t have to know all people in the world. Mostly, we like to listen to the people who are successful in their life or get something from their hard work or do something for them in their life that makes them famous. And it is also true that we like those people who have done something big in their life. And today we are going to discuss a successful business-woman. Who gives a new meaning to her name and gets success on her behalf. The name of that woman is Anna Beth Goodman; she is the wife of John Goodman. 

John Goodman is famous for his acting and singer in America. He wins several awards for the films and his music album. He played a show named Dan Conner on the ABC TV Series Roseanne. Not only this but in 1993 for this show, he won an award that is a Golden Globe Award. And also he reprised his role in the sequel series the Conners. He also does work in many films, stage shows, serials, and also sing lots of songs. And yes he is one of the high earning actors in Hollywood. He lives with his wife and family. His wife is Anna Beth Goodman and today we are going to discuss her. If you want to know about John Goodman’s Wife, then continues reading this article.

Biography- Anna Beth Goodman

John Goodman’s wife, born in 1969, who is the wife of John Goodman, is a famous and successful business-woman in America. She grew up in Bogalusa and took admission to another high school. She has completed high school in the year 1986. After completing high school, she attended New Orleans University for studying Fine Arts. When she completed her education, she shifted to Los Angeles and started her career as a clothes manufacturer. 

With her family, she is living in Louisiana. She married John Goodman in October 1989. Anna is 16 years younger than his husband. Anna gave birth to her first and only child named Molly Evangeline Goodman on August 31, 1990. By profession, Molly is a production designer. In an interview, John said that both were met at the Halloween party and their love life started. 

She owns her shop for children’s clothing and toys and the name is Pippen Lane.  The shop is located on the popular Magazine Street in New Orleans. All famous brands of clothes are available in her shop including the brand Lylian Heirloom. This clothing brand has handmade embroidery on clothes. In 2011, Anna has bought the franchise for the brand named Lylian Heirloom. This brand is 100 years old and attracting more and more customers to the Pippen Lanes store. With too much success in a short time, she has created labels for various kinds of clothes and toys. Except for the clothes and toys, the Pippen Lane store of Anna has many other items such as shoes, linens, gifts, books, strollers, and many other items.  

Being a successful businesswoman, she is also helping her husband for many years for conquering his inner demons. At the current time, she is staying in California with The Flintstones actor and with her two pet dogs, a golden retriever, and a cocker spaniel. Goodman love to be active all time so the couple started their own gym at home and love to play exercises when they are free. John has many addictions and one of those is alcohol. Anna forced him so many times to visit the treatment center so that he can beat this addiction and live life in a natural healthy way.  In the married life of this couple, Anna and her husband lived in various cities such as New York City, Calabasas, and Tampa. John bought a home in the year 2008 which is about 46 lakhs dollars and the couple is currently residing in that home. 

As John worked in the Film Industry, Anna also has fond to attend many public events and red carpets. In the 2017 year, Anna and members of her family attended a public event. This public event was a star ceremony for John because of the famous ‘The Hollywood Walk of Fame’ in California. Anna has attended so many events and some of those events are ‘2015’s Royal Ascot’ and premiers of ‘Trouble with the Curve in Westwood’. Anna is much closer to Molly, her daughter and she also started to follow her father. After completing her studies, Molly becomes a production designer in the industry of film. 

In the film industry, John won many rewards and gets much fame. John is the highest-earning actors in the film industry. In the year 2016 – 2017, there is news that John has died but it is a rumor. He became ill due to his alcohol habit and recovered his bad habit with the support of his wife, Anna. As the connection is strong between John and Anna, Anna also started her career in films but she did not get much fame. So, she started her career in clothing and bought many branded franchise for clothes. This is the way, Anna became more popular and earned more fame in the clothing industry. Anna gave her proper time to her family when required and try to stand for her husband and daughter in every difficult phase. Her strong power and willpower to do something give her a chance to get something in her life and she achieved what she wants. 

Wrapping Up

Anna faced a lot of problems in her life but she stands like a bone. Her success in her clothing career makes her stronger and she started to support her husband. When her husband, John, faces a lot of problems because of his bad habits, she supports her in all possible ways. Such kind of woman is an inspiration to every woman. Read her story and get inspired!!!

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