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Danielle Colby’s Husband – Alexandre de Meyer Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Married)

Who is Alexandre de Meyer? Well, this Frenchman is married to Danielle Colby, one of the stars from the American Pickers show that is very popular in America. He was born in Vairon, France, and nobody really knows much information on him. We’ve tried to collectively give the most information that we can find, and even though he is no longer married to Danielle Colby, we’ve discovered that he is a graphic designer and artist that has a very big name and surprisingly makes quite a bit of money. In this post, we’re going to give you the most information possible that you can find online these days about the Pickers star husband.

How Much Is Alexandre de Mayer Worth?

While not much is known up to 2020, we’ve been able to find that as of 2018, Alexandre has made over seven hundred grand from his work as a designer. He doesn’t really post anything online regarding expenses and assets, like homes, cars, and more. 

Where is Alexandre de Meyer From?

As mentioned earlier, Alexandre is French of origin, making him Caucasian. He has brown hair and eyes, and he also sports a very long beard to fit his face. He doesn’t post online much about where he is and what he’s doing, so many things are unknown to the general public. As a graphic designer who works in the fashion design industry. His graphic design company and work is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

What About His Ex-Wife?

While he was best known as the husband of the famous reality TV star Danielle Colby, he is no longer married to her. She was born in 1975 in Davenport, IA in the heartland of America. At 42 years old, she’s still famous for her work on the show “American Pickers”, which debuted back in 2010.

Is Alexandre Active on Social Media?

One of the biggest reasons why it’s so hard to get information on this reality husband celebrity, is that he doesn’t really use social media of any kind. This makes it hard for fans to reach him, but at the same time, he does so to protect himself from any issues regarding his life as a reality husband celebrity. His ex-wife however, is still very active on social media sites like Twitter, and has over 80,000 followers.

Does Alexandre Have Pets?

While his ex-wife writes on social media about her pets, and Alexandre doesn’t really post anything on social media, it is well-known that Alexendre de Meyer himself is an avid animal lover, and that he and his ex-wife had pets which they prized very much. It is unknown if he has pets now however, but we could assume that more than likely he would since his love for animals is of a great deal.

How About That Net Worth?

While he earns an easy 700,000 dollars every year on average with his fashion industry. It’s seen that he has a net worth that’s rounded up to over two million dollars, and this has no bearing on his past relationship to the reality TV star. It’s all primarily from his design company. Some people do think that he has been able to benefit from his ex-wife’s net worth, which is approximately one and a half million US dollars.

How He Came to Be an Artist

While Alexandre was raised in France, he ended up moving to the US and started off in a small mom & pop print shop called Going Blind, where he ended up learning the basics of graphic design. He ended up moving out of work with Going Blind later on and started his own company. He called his company Neuf Vies – which means “nine lives” in French.

While he was doing work in his own venture, he ended up doing graphic design for businesses for logo design, creating printed stickers, screen printing on clothing, and much more. He also helped with the CAD design, and even helped his ex-wife’s business with the logo design.


In recent months, not much is known to date of Mr. de Meyer, because the media really hasn’t been following him. While he did marry Danielle Colby in 2015, who was famous for the show “American Pickers”, he was the second husband, and their divorce was just as quiet as their relationship altogether. Alexandre de Meyer runs his own business based out of Chicago, and to this day is still a prominent face in the graphic design and art industry. However, there is not much known about him these days because he keeps his life quiet.

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